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So, start with a Pixie which can shrink normal-sized weapons (like a Greatspear) down to Tiny.
Use a WereRat theme (and not Bear or Wolf either), which will actually grow your character into Small sized when you are transformed into Beast/Hybrid Beast Mode.
Umm... kill time until level 10  (or just start at Paragon). 

At this point you should/might/can/cannot? wear a shield along with a formerly normal two-handed Greatspear shrunk to Pixie size but then wielded one-handed by a WereRat that is one size category larger than Tiny.

The question then is... would your DM allow this? Would you, as a DM, allow this? The logic sounds good based on the rule that a larger character can wield a normal-sized two-hander as a one-handed weapon (because he is one size category larger).

Or I am just trying too hard?
I wouldn't allow it, because it's not rules legal (unfortunately!).  The bit about larger creatures being able to wield two-handed weapons sized one category smaller applies only to creatures larger than medium (e.g., large, huge).  Rules Compendium page 271:

Large creatures can use two-handed weapons intended for creatures one size category smaller than themselves and treat the weapons as one-handed weapons. For instance, a fire giant (Large) can use a human’s greatsword with one hand, and a fire titan (Huge) can use a fire giant’s greatsword with one hand.

First of all, a pixie can't wield a shurken Greatspear.  While the pixie's Shrink power can reduce the spear's size to tiny, it's still a two-handed weapon.  As per the Pixie's Wee Warrior ability, pixies follow Small rule for wielding weapons.  And small-sized characters cannot wield two-handed weapons that lack the Small property.

Second, changing the Pixie's size does not help.  Again, Wee Warrior states that pixie's wield weapons as if they were small, not as if the pixie was one size larger.  So if you increase the Pixie's size to small, Wee Warrior still states that pixie's wield weapons as if they were small.  And also your actual size is now small.  So you wield weapons as if you were small.  Which means no Greatspear.

And, as CUBPHILDND pointed out, going from two-handed to one-handed only applies to size large and larger. 

So, by RAW, you're out of luck.

As a DM though, I would probably allow it.  Maybe at the cost of a feat.  I'm not a fan of size restrictions on weapons anyway, and our group tosses them out by default.
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There are only 2 two handed weapons a pixie can use normally.  The first is a pike and the second is the heavy warpick.  Both are because they have the small keyword which means that a small character can use them just like a medium character can.
There are a few double weapons with small/stout, as well, though I couldn't name them offhand.
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Actually, the OPs build works but the Greatspear would be used as an improvised weapon.  The Shrink power says that a shrunken weapon becomes an improvised one-handed weapon for a non-Tiny creature.
Only in the most technical sense.  Using the greatspear as an improvised weapon means losing everything that makes a greatspear a greatspear and instead using the stat listings for one-handed improvised weapons.  So you'll lose out on damage, proficiency bonus, reach, and any feats or abilities you have that would apply to the spear or polearm group (bye-bye Expertise).  At that point, one would be better off going with a club, dagger, or, really, any other weapon one could wield.
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