The one big disadvantage that the Character Builder, and DDI in general, has.

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Kinda new here so forgive me if this issue was brought up already. Also sorry for my jumbled thoughts. It's 5 in the morning here so I'm not working at full capacity.  

I've been trying out the Character Builder, and DDI in general, for almost a month now. While I find the tool to be very well done, even though it has it's quirks, and generally very easy to use. PC, and NPC can be created with much ease to the delight of PC's and DM's alike. 

While I do find some faults, my main one is that it really doesn't teach new players on the various stages and veriables that go into creating a character. The character builder can be a great tool to help new players understanding the why's and how's and it's rather dishearting to see so much work getting wasted. 

Again, I am not trying to be all negative about it. The online character builder has some great advantages that I mentioned before, but it can be used a very strong teaching tool for new players. I would love it if it had a command that basically shows the player how the calulation proccess was done. 

So far from what I experianced of DDI it seems like it's a 50-50 kinda thing. There some really helpful tools for PC's and DM's but personally I feel that info can be found on the various wiki sites and some elbow grease. I am still unsure is I will renew my sub at the end of my three month period. So far all answers points to no.  

I've been a D&D gamer for over 20 years now. My first big forey into D&D was back in high school when I first got introduced to AD&D 2.0. The one big hurdle I had back then was getting to knnow all the different aspects and rules that go into playing D&D but with the help of vetran gamers I eventually learned, so maybe that's why it frustrates me so much. 

WHat's your personal feeling about the character builder and DDI in general? 
To paraphrase Lady Gaga, it was born that way.

According to Ryan Dancey, anyway....

... Sometime around 2006, the D&D team made a big presentation to the Hasbro senior management on how they could take D&D up to the $50 million level and potentially keep growing it. The core of that plan was a synergistic relationship between the tabletop game and what came to be known as DDI. ... Then DDI could be expanded over time and if/when Hasbro recovered the video gaming rights, it could be used as a platform to launch a true D&D MMO, which could take them over $100 million/year.

The DDI pitch was that the 4th Edition would be designed so that it would work best when played with DDI. DDI had a big VTT component of its design that would be the driver of this move to get folks to hybridize their tabletop game with digital tools. ...

For a $10 monthly service fee it is quite handy.  However the character builder hasn't been updated after August 2012.  They are multiple updates behind but don't expect to see a new one.  4E is no longer being supported in anyway by WOTC so don't be surprised if it's not around much longer. 
However the character builder hasn't been updated after August 2012.

or, you know, February 2013 =)

it was over 60 days ago, though, so it probably feels like last summer to some folks.

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August 2012 is the approximate date of the last rules update/errata, if I am not mistaken.  We still got Character Builder updates monthly up until February 2013.  So far the word seems to be that at some point there will be updates to both of these, but Trevor has no definite dates for either.  Does that sum things up pretty well?

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