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Hello all!  Simple question- I've been fiddling around with some stuff in the online character builder while at the same time catching up on some articles I missed in both Dragon and Dungeon magazine.  I came across a series of feats which I really enjoy the thought of, those beginning with "Honor-Bound" and carrying on from there, and then promptly realized that they were no-where to be found in the Character Builder.

Why is this?  The only reason I can even possibly think of is because they were from an Unearthed Arcana article, but still, I'm really scratching my head over this one.  Any thoughts?
you nailed it.  the Unearthed Arcana stuff is largely optional rules.

from Dragon 391, where the feature was introduced:  "All of this comes with one big caveat: none of what you'll read in Unearthed Arcana has been through our normal development cycle. It's all experimental, optional, and unofficial. You won't find it in the D&D Compendium or Character Builder. Customer Service won't provide official answers to questions about unofficial rules.

Read it, play with it, stress it, twist it to your heart's content. If something here goes over especially well, it could even wind up back on the table of contents for a future product."


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I really like the honor rules, but I'm also very glad they kept it as UA. This means that it is firmly in the control of the DM to allow it in the game or not. I really wish a lot more of the marginal 4e stuff had been listed as UA. I'm really tired of DM'ing Encounters and Lair Assault sessions where the most bizarre builds show up and we have to spend too much table time figuring out how they are supposed to work. I'm not talking char-op builds, I'm okay with those cause largely they make sense, I'm talking wierdo combinations that don't really work very well.
Whlie unfortunate, I suppose I understand it, and I suppose that I was simply unobservant.  I wish there was an option check-box for that content in the Builder/Compendium, but oh well.

Thank you for the assistance! 
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