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I have an idea for an encounter that takes place in the PC's dreams... The twist is that after so many rounds (3 or 5) the whole encounter changes between 2 or 3 maps. I feel this can put in any lvl adventure. Make each "dream" the same length. End the encounter when they finish the "dream". Have the PC's choose finish one dream unknowingly, also set deferent rewords if you have the "dreams" different difficultys.  
Any ideas how to improve on this idea plz share. I would love to here other ideas.
I did almost this exact same thing. I passed out my Dungeon Tiles and asked the players to make maps for the "dream worlds" in their heads. At certain points in the dream encounter, they left one world and entered another. It worked pretty well, and it was one of the first combat encounters I ran that mostly was not about killing the other side. I have fond memories of it.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

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