D&D Next Playtest Session: Tuesday April 30, 23:45 EDT

Hello everyone! I'll run a D&D Next Playtest Session Tuesday April 30, 23:45 EDT. This is an open session to all who'd like to play and is on a first come first serve basis.  To join the table simply reply by posting your RPGTO username and a summary of your character you want to play and i will invite you to the table. If you sign up and can't attend, please have the courtesy to advise me ASAP so we can find replacement.

The Burning Plague

Start Time: Tuesday April 30, 23:45 EDT   
Duration: 03:00                                           
Campaign System: D&D Next Playtest
Campaign World: Core 
Campaign Format: One Shot  
DM: Plaguescarred 
Players Info: 4 players with OPTA*    - Microphone required- 
Characters Info:  1st Level PC using Standard Array [15,14,13,12,10,8] or Point By
                             Use average for HP. Gear: 150 gp. No magic item. Use Public Packet 04/15

*You need to have signed the OPTA and downloaded the Playtest material from WoTC's website to play. You'll also need to be registered on RPGTO if you aren't already, it takes only a few seconds and its free.


1. jonathan_sicari - Human Cleric  
2. TheOneWhoCallCrow - Elf Druid 
3. Llaqus - Human Paladin
4. Pizzamancer - Dwarf Wizard

Alternate: Cartographer525,

A sickness has come unto the simple mining community of Duvik's Pass, poisoning their wells and blighting their crops. With the pestilence leaving the strongest men of the town's guard a few short days away from death, the burden of descending into the mines and purging the wellspring of whatever evil has settled there falls to an intrepid band of adventurers. Can these noble heroes prevail within the depths of Duvik's Pass, or will they too fall victim to the perils of The Burning Plague?...

[spoiler=Character Summary] 

[Optional Art] 

Gender Race Class
Size Type
Armor Class 
Hit Points  (   )
Str   (   )  Dex   (   )  Con   (   ) 
Int   (   )  Wis   (   )   Cha   (   ) 
Skill [    ]    
Feat [   ] 
Racial Trait Class Trait 
Melee Attacks—    : + to hit (reach/range; target). Hit: 
Ranged Attack— : + to hit (reach/range; targetr). Hit: 


Tyron the Human Fighter

Male Human Fighter
Medium Humanoid
Armor Class 16 (leather)
Hit Points 12 (1d10+2)
Speed 30 ft.
Sense Normal
Str 13 (+1)  Dex 18 (+4)  Con 15 (+2)
Int 11 (+0)  Wis 14 (+2)  Cha 09 (-1)
Alignment Neutral Good
Languages Common 
Skill [Soldier] Intimidate (+3), Spot (+3), Survival (+3)
Feat [Dual Wielder] Two-weapon fighting
Combat Superiority
Slayer Fighting Style
Glancing Blow Combat Maneuver  
Melee Attacks—Scimitars: +7 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). 
Hit: 1d6+4 slashing damage
Ranged Attack—Longbow: +7 to hit (range 150/600 ft; one creature). 
Hit:  1d8+4 piercing damage
Two-weapon Fighting: Tyron makes two scimitar attacks, dividing damage by half.
EquipmentLeather armor, Scimitar x2, Longbow, 20 arrows quiver, Ball bearring, 
Acid Flask, Healer's kit, Crowbar, Commun clothes, Thieve's Tools, Lampblack, 
Oil-can, Breeches with secret pocket, Small steel mirror, Lock, Advenvurer’s kit, 
Backpack, Mess kit, Hempen rope 50 ft, Tinderbox, Torch x10, Ration 10 days, 
Waterskin, Belt pouch, 27 gp
Sign me up. 

I give the username later, playing a druid.  
@TheOneWhoCallCrow - Welcome in brother! Please post a character summary when you have a chance and please make sure you show up this time as the last time you signed up to one of my game you never showed up...

@TheOneWhoCallCrow - Welcome in brother! Please post a character summary when you have a chance and please make sure you show up this time as the last time you signed up to one of my game you never showed up...

Never showed up? I thought I was a back up character? Was I a back up character? 

OPTA Username: Wojek_Siren


 Name: Kurai Jaki
Gender Race Class: Male, Wood Elf, Druid
Size Type: Medium
Armor Class: 13 (leather armor) 
Hit Points:  (9)
Speed: 35ft
Sense: Low Light Version
Str  8 (-1 )  Dex   14(+2)  Con  12(+1) 
Int   10(+0)  Wis 16(+3)   Cha 14(+2) 
Alignment Neutral
Languages Common, Elf
Trait Contact(connections with other spies)
Skill [Spy] Bluff 1d6, Listen 1d6, Sense Motive 1d6, Sneak 1d6   
Feat Skill Focus (Sneak)
Racial Trait Class Trait: Keen Sense, Free Spirit, and Elf Trance?
Melee Attacks— Dagger  : +2 to hit (reach5ft/range20ft; target). Hit: 1d4+2
Ranged Attack— : +0 to hit (reach/range; targetr). Hit: 1d4
Equipment: Disguise kit, dagger, common clothes, small mirror, and a bag. 130gp. 
@TheOneWhoCallCrow - Thanks for the Summary. Great pic!  I've invited you so you should see the table on your Campaign Manager now.  BTW Your AC should be 13 with DEX.  

Sorry to jump in,but is this burning plague published adventure? I'm wondering cause 2 months ago I played it altough in PF.


@Haytam - Yes its The Burning Plague adventure from WoTC.
I am available. I will make a character tonight before Poisened Shadows tonight.
@jonathan_sicari - Welcome in brother. Ok i will wait for your character summary.

Im available, I can make up a character before the end of the night.
@Llaqus - Welcome in brother. Ok i will wait for your character summary.

I have some time that day.  Still have a spot open?

It looks like only the druid is chosen.  I will be making up a Mountain Dwarf Wizard. 
Thank you for the invitaion, but I must work ear;y the following morning - Have Fun!


I am on GTO / RPGTable Online as "MorphoPracktix" IMAGE(http://www.nodiatis.com/pub/26.jpg)

I present you Thoradin Stinkfist.  Character sheet is here.  Please double check it.  I don't think i made any mistakes, but they could be there.
@SarialMorphoPracktix - Aye no prob brother. Another time i hope!

@Pizzamancer - Welcome in brother. Thanks for the Summary.   I've invited you so you should see the table on your Campaign Manager now.

Hey guys!

     I really appreciate the invite but I cannot make it tomorrow/today. Thank you for thinking of me!

-Sir Dave

PS: Have fun storming the castle! 
@HalconLoco - Aye no prob Loco. Another time i hope!
I just noticed an issue, I cant seem to access the 4/15/13 packet, I only seem to access the 4/11/13 packet. and I think there are some differences for instances your example characters two weapon fighting isnt the same as whats in my packet this is what mine says for two weapon fighting:

Two-­Weapon Fighting:
When you wield two light melee weapons at the same time,
you can use your action to make an attack with each weapon.
You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the
second attack. (also this is a standard action not a feat)
Packet 4/15 is the lastest upload. Its essentially Packet 4/11 with Mud Sorcerer Tomb's monsters incorporated. The rest is the same IIRC (including Two-Weapon Fighting)
ah ok then i guess that example was just an on the fly thing or was made from some earlier materials it confused me. especially trying to figure out how he got 18 in a stat without using dice rolls. If thats the case i pretty much have my character down just need to put it on paper ... or in this case in a post.
Coolio  : ))
[Optional Art] 

Male Dwarf Wizard
Medium Humanoid
Armor Class 15 (chainmail)
Hit Points 8 ( 1d6+2  )
Speed 25 feet
Str 8  ( -1 )  Dex 13 ( +1 )  Con 15 ( +2 ) 
Int 16 ( +3 )  Wis 14 ( +2 )   Cha 9 ( -1 ) 
Alignment Chaotic Good
Languages Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Orkish, Primordial.


Skill [ Minstrel ] Listen, perform, persuade, recall lore (folklore)
Feat [ Maximize spell ] 
Racial Trait Class Trait 
Quarter staff: +1 to hit (5 feet; target). Hit: 1d4+1
Ray of Frost - (range 100 feet) DC 14 Dex Save or take 1d8 cold damage and have speed reduced by 10 feet.
Handaxe - (range 20/60) +1; 1d6+1 slashing damage.
Equipment: Robes, quarterstaff, adventurer's kit, bouzouki, scalemail, handaxe, 4 gp, 8 sp.
@Pizzamancer - Thanks for the Summary.  

Here's a Dward with a bouzouki that i found : ))

I was thinking more along the lines of 
I was thinking more along the lines of 

Ha, ha, that is perfect. 

Technically I dont have a horse and have a spike shield not a tower shield and a hand axe instead of a sword but this was an awsome pic of a paladin.

Name Vincent Tigersoul
Gender Male Race Human Class Paladin
Size Medium
Armor Class (18)
Hit Points  (12)
Speed  (30 ft)
Sense  Normal
Str  16(+3)  Dex  14(+2)  Con  14(+2)
Int    9(-1)    Wis  10(+0)  Cha  16(+3)
Alignment  Lawful Good
Languages Common

  • Attack Bonus

  • Spell Casting (2 prepared lvl 1 paladin spells)

  1. Close Wounds

  2. Bless

  • Divine Sense

  • Divine Grace

  • Channeled Divinity (1 per day)

  1. Lay on Hands

  2. Natures Wrath

  3. Turn Undead

  • Oath: Oath of the Warden

  1. Warden Spell lvl 1: Entangle

Feat [  Weapon Mastery]  - roll 2 damage die and take the highest.
Racial Trait +1 to all Attributes,  Class Trait  +1 to Charisma
Melee Attacks—    : +4 to hit (reach/range; target). Hit: 1d6 +3  (hand axe or spike sheild)
Two Weapon Attack - : +4 to hit. Hit: 1d6+3 (hand axe) +1d6 Spike Shield.
Ranged Attack— : +4 to hit (reach/range (20/60); targetr). Hit: 1d6 +3
Scale Armor, Spike Shield, 10 hand axe (obviously only one is equiped at a time), Adventurers Kit, bedroll (dont think ill need it but just incase),  Climbers Kit

@Pizzamancer - Nice pic this Dwarf is sick!

@Llaqus - Thanks for the Summary. Cool art too!  I've invited you so you should see the table on your Campaign Manager now.

@Crow - What spells have you prepared?  I am working on my character a bit and was wondering if you were thinking of Thunderwave.  If so, I will take Burning Hands instead of Thunderwave.

@DM - Can I use Int for my performance check?  I am kind of going for the magical minstrel who uses Minor Illusion during his performances. 
@Crow - What spells have you prepared?

Good berries and fog cloud. 

Edit: Good Berries for healing and they have a bonus against disease since we are dealing with a
plague. Who knows, maybe I help out the people suffering from this?

Fog Cloud can be pretty handy. One for hiding and two to block line of sight. 
Cast this on a group of range attacks and they are force into melee. 

Any chance I can convince you to take any spell besides Fog Cloud?
Any chance I can convince you to take any spell besides Fog Cloud?

His strategies are built around that spell. 

My guy is built like a controller. Once I cast Fog Cloud, you are in my domain. 

That is great and all but it also takes the rest of the party out of the fight when they can't see anything.
That is great and all but it also takes the rest of the party out of the fight when they can't see anything.

I got a spell that can fix that. 

Hehe.  Me too.  It is called Thunderwave.
damn, was so busy with Kat and faea, I forgot to build my character. Think I'm gonna go for a warbringer cleric. I'll have him written up this afternoon.

[sblock=base template]
[Optional Art] 

Name Slade Wilson
Gender male Race human Class cleric
Size M Type Humanoid
Armor Class 16
Hit Points  (d8   ) 11
Speed 25'
Str16   (+3  )  Dex  11 (0   )  Con 16  ( +3  ) 
Int 9  ( -1  )  Wis  14 (+2   )   Cha 13  ( +1  ) 
Trait  soldier of the faith: Military Rank
Skill [ d6   ]    climb, recall lore (military) Religion, ride, intimidate
Feat [ cleave  ] 
Racial Trait Class Trait Channel Divinity Righteous Might 1/day. gain advantage on str check or melee attack.
Melee Attacks—    : + to hit (reach/range; target). +4 Hit: 1d6+3, 2ndary 1d6
Ranged Attack— : + to hit (reach/range; targetr). Hit: 
Equipment:Chain Mail, scimitar, short sword, adventurer pack, money

Prepped Spells: Inflict Wound, Cure Minor Wound, Cure Light Wound, Bless, Lance of Faith
[/sblock ]
@Pizzamancer - You use your charisma to Perform in front of people.

@jonathan_sicariThanks for the Summary. I've invited you so you should see the table on your Campaign Manager now.

OK, ready to go tonight.
Same here. 
Okay.  Got my character sheet updated.  Here it is.
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