Blue / Black Mill themed deck (any comments most welcome)

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Hey all,

I'm a relatively new player to Magic and I've been looking around to figure what sort of deck I'd like to play. Out of what I'd had available this is the deck I came up with to play with some friends.

What I was looking for was a fair portion of milling (mostly with Jace out) and other mill odds and ends in order to make all my creatures big and scary. A bit of counterspelling and removal would delay the opponent to the point where I can do my thing and either get them to a depleted library or just swing in for a killing blow.

I would like to ask anyone willing to take a look and maybe leave any thoughts or some advice.

Thanks a bunch Smile





I started with a mill deck myself. At a glance, I see a few odds and ends to be ironed out.
For starters, consider Archive Trap, Thought Scour for card draw, nemesis of reason and Paranoid Delusions.
You can also add Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker

I would cut down Aberration to 2 and add an additional Fog Bank. Mill decks are generically about stalling out your opponent until they draw themselves out.  Perhaps consider a Wall of Frost to keep things tapped. The only problem that I see is that you don't have many turn 1 plays.
I run Hedron Crab as another 1 drop creature.
Thanks for the replies.

I've been looking into those cards before hand as well and I'd love to get some Hedron Crabs, some Glimpse the Unthinkable and I would VERY much love 2 Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker, he seems to be a BEAST.

The thing is, though, that I see these particular cards are quite expensive in comparison to others and I'm not exactly sure what to swap out for them since I like having creatures that get huge once the milling starts happening. I'm not looking for a pure mill strategy, you know what I mean? :-?
pure mill is awesome. I go for tons of removal and counterspells with mill and it works well. Don't worry so much about creatures because that's wasted mana if they get removed. I play a pretty "draw, go" strategy where I just deal with their threats and keep milling them out. Traumatize and Haunting Echoes is pretty much the best turn 5 and 6 play you can have. I use Liliana Vess to tutor my spells too. I would also recommend Keening Stone over Sands of Delirium. Once you have most of their library in the yard, the Stone does wonders and is much better for it's activation cost than SoD.

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Zur (disgusting combo)


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