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Our group has lost one and are looking for one more player.

We are play by post and the website is nojnor.yuku.com

We are using 4E.

There is one stipulation.  The character that left is essential the campaign storyline, so you must be willing to take on that character.  You can reroll and reselect most of the character, but you must keep the following:

Name: Wilaver
Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric
Diety: Talyra (custom pantheon)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Sex: Male
Equipment:  Must keep current equipment and currency

Everything else can be reselected.  Powers, attributes, etc.

Head over the site and check it out if you are interested.                    
The cleric is spoken for.

If anyone else is interested in making a character, I am willing to start a waiting list and possibly go to 7 players if it works out.  
Hey mate, I'm interested. Lemme know what needs to be done to get on that (possible) waiting list. :D
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