Roll20 and Dnd Next

Im looking to play DnD next but im not seeing many DMs running it on Roll20. I use Roll20 since none of my friends are into RPGs. So is anyone willing to get a group together for DnD next on Roll20 so we can kill some goblins, mostly need a DM and i think once we host it on Roll20 then it should get enough players to start it soon. Im pretty experienced with 4e but have yet to play or even read up on dnd next, since i dont want to read everything if no one is going to play.
I don't have time right now, but I know there are a few DMs looking for players found here.  Keep poking around.  

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I'd be in for a game as a player, but I'm already DMing a game around a table and I don't want to DM two at a time.  I'd definitely be in to play, though.
While not Roll20, i've still got room in an upcoming Playtest session using a free virtual table called RPGTO on Tuesday night. Its a one shot using a D&D Next conversion of WoTC adventure The Burning Plague. Sign up if interested!

D&D Next Playtest Session: Tuesday April 30, 23:45 EDT
I cant do Tuesday nights, already have a game on that day.
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