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Hey, I'm looking at making a Halfling Rogue, with the idea of being very mobile, so while looking through feats I'm not sure how these will go together:
Risky Shift (+1 to shifts but grant combat advantage)
Swift Footwork (+2 to shifts on encounter and daily powers)
Reckless Scramble (Move at +2 instead of Shifting on a power)

So using something like Fleeting Spirit Strike, which before and after the attack lets me shift 3, if I have these feats which is true?
1) I choose which of the above feats I want to use, so the most I can move/shift 5 each time instead of shifting 3.
2) Risky Shift and Swift Footwork combo, but not with Reckless Scramble, so I could shift 6 instead of 3.
3) All three combo, so instead of shifting 3, I could move 8 before and after the attack.    

I'm thinking it might be 2, but I'm unsure if I'll bother taking Risky Shift anyway, but just wondered how it works...    

I would agree with you.
I agree with you on 2.
I concur. 

  In particular, the wording the feats is important here. 
Risky Shift says "Whenever you shift, you can shift 1 additional square"
Swift Footwork says "...., you can shift 2 additional squares"
Reckless Scramble says "When a power lets you shift, you can instead choose to move that distance + 2 squares"

If you choose to use the ability of Reckless Scramble, the benefits of Risky Shift and Swift Footwork do not apply because you are not shifting, so you could move 5 when doing Fleeting Spirit Strike and using Reckless Scramble.

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