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I was thinking about what a new Wrath variant could look like. By which I mean a white sweeper with CMC 4. This is what came to my mind:

Purify the Wicked

Exile all creatures. For each creature exiled this way, its controller puts a 0/1 colorless Survivor token onto the battlefield.
Everyone's a sinner.
I didn't know that card existed, but I actively wanted to avoid 1/1 tokens. I think downgrading the tokens to 0/1 without flying is worth reducing the cost by .
Doesn't weakening the tokens make the card more powerful?
So? Wrath of God is more powerful than March of Souls. My card would fall somewhere in between, I believe.
Maaaaybe. 0/1 tokens don't matter much to aggressive decks, though, and your card is way more splashable than Wrath and gets around a lot of stuff by exiling the creatures. Final Judgment costs .

It is more powerful because it costs 1 less. And casting march of souls can kill you.
Real men hold shift. If everyone has their fingers in the pie, then someone is eating fingers.
How about, instead of exiling, make the creatures be sacrificed then? And putting a second in the cost?

To fix something you need to have an idea of where you'd like it to work.. just my 2 cents. I agree so far with what's been said though, 0/1 makes your card better than 1/1, and the low-and-splashable mana cost for exile is too good a bargain for most control decks.
The goal is to make a 4 CMC white Wrath variant. Which, if possible, does not use the usual "destroy". I thought that the granting of tokens for the lost creatures would offset the more powerful effect of exiling instead of destroying. Obviously, that's not the common opinion. And please don't measure my card with March of Souls, but with Wrath of God. I'm perfectly fine with the card ending up better than March.
Granting uselss tokens is basically the same as destroying everything, except now you can abuse the fact you get tokens too with anthems or whatever. The fact it is splashable and gets around indestructible things is just madness.
March has the benefits of having less color weight than wrath and occasionally the spirit making could benefit you (you're running benefits to tokens, or you had more creatures than the opponent but had to wrath because theirs were stronger).

First thing - wrath is a constructed card. If you wanna make a card of similar power level then you have to make the color weight the same. We don't want everyone to be able to splash it.

Second thing - you gotta know who uses wrath and why. Most popular use = surviving against aggro. Giving them 0/1 tokens is not a drawback since those tokens usually can't hurt you. The benefit of not worrying about undying etc outweights such a minor drawback.

Third thing - Is it really good for the game to have another card at the same power level as wrath? For eg do you want people running eight in a deck? Maybe your card is intended as a temporary replacement while wrath's not in the format, in which case it doesn't matter so much that it's more powerful, except you upset the long time fans by obsoleting such a classic card.

That's why it's better to make cards that are 'sidegraded' enough so people don't try to compare the two directly, eg Terminus. Maybe Terminus is stronger overall, but it's different enough to make people feel like wrath still has a point and is not just "one of many options".     
I don't want to make just another Wrath but a variant of it. Variants are already printed ever so often. A recent example is Supreme Verdict. It can and should be weaker though, I agree. Different enough, but comparable. The color weight in the cost can be adjusted, but the CMC of 4 I want to keep.

Maybe instead of granting tokens, all players get to keep a creature? Harsh Mercy already exists and is cheaper than Wrath. So letting each player keep only one creature should be offset by an additional .

Lonely Survival

All players choose a creature an opponent controls, then sacrifice all creatures that weren't chosen.
Some people are lucky to survive while everyone around them dies.

Edited, see below.
Done in Innistrad block: Divine Reckoning.
Already exists, Divine Reckoning.

Edit: Got ninja'd... 
I used "sacrifice" instead of "destroy". Which may be similar enough that excluding flashback gives me some room to make the choice less favorable for the players. Don't want to tie it into power/toughness, and don't want to make it random. I could have an opponent make the choice, though...

I'm well aware, that any effect that basically reads "remove all/most ceatures from the battlefield" will have a very similar precedent. But similar doesn't mean same.
Oh, here's something, Varolz, the Scar-Striped is a blatant example where this will be useful.
"While this spell is on the stack, players can't sacrifice creatures for other spells or abilities."
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