Bloodrush timing

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Can I activate bloodrush after blockers are declared? Also, how does it work for wild beastmaster?
Yes. That's usually the stategically best time to use bloodrush.

Attacking creatures exist since the declare attackers turn based action. So you can use Bloodrush abilities in response to Wild Beastmaster's trigger (in the declare attackers step!), and when that ability finally resolves, it will check the Beastmaster's current power to grant all your other creatures a bonus based on that.

You can use bloodrush abilities any time you have priority in the combat phase, from the declare attackers step until and including the end of combat step. But only on attacking creatures. Due to regeneration and other things, a creature might leave combat before the end of the combat phase, and such a creature would cease to be an attacking creature and would thus not be a legal target for a bloodrush ability.
Can I bloodrush an unblocked creature? super clarification.
Yes. Bloodrush only cares about the creature being attacking.