Spell Mechanic and Rogue Question

I'm looking at the playtest packet material and I have a few questions:

In the How to Play pdf, there are several mentions of attaking with a magical attack and using your ability associated with magic as a modifier, and the wizard has a spellcasting bonus instead of an attack bonus in their class advancement table.  However, I can only find spells that ask for a saving throw from the target.  Apart from that, I cannot find anything that actually explains the actual attack spell mechanic.  How do attack spells work and where is the information in the playtest packet?  If spells only use saving throws for resolution, what is the spellcasting bonus used for?

Also, several classes get bonus feats, like the rogue scheme, and the fighter gets martial feats.  However, the Character Creation pdf says that Speacialties/Feats are optional.  For the DM who does not use feats, do fighters, rogues, and monks still get bonus feats from these lists?
The spells don't have an attack roll!

Every spell goes off, the bonus for spellcasting is used to determine the DC of the Saving Throw...no need to Roll to Hit anymore ;)

The information are in the How to Play (if I'm correct)
You can find the feats in the Specialties and in the various Background of the Characters
Flaming Sphere rolls an attack.
Some spells roll attacks, others put the spellcasting bonus onto the save DC that the target has to meet instead.

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Wizard45 :
I think the spell Q has been answered thoroughly.

The feat Q : My suggestion is this - You simply disregard the "mechanical content" in the feats at level 1. Eg. a rogue that gets open locks is now treated as this is a background trait. It's harder for the figthers as their feats are mostly pure mechanical, but it would just require some work with that player. Maybe he decided to work hard to swing in chandeliers while waving his sabre and he would now be able to without it being harder for him to hit others.
There's no set way of converting these things into non-mechanical/combatsystem terms, so be creative. The classes are unfortunately pretty much balanced for them having feats (especially figthers!) so allow them some signature moves instead.
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