Request for your Bestiaries/Monster Manuals

Please, PLEASE do not make your monsters share pages when changing letters in the alphabet. If/When you eventually release multiple books for your bestiary, I plan on removing them from the natural binding they come from and placing them alphabetically in one nice all-encompassing binder. I would greatly appreciate it if your books don't have the front side of a page have a different first letter than the back side of your page.

Imagine having the front page dedicated to a griffon, and the back of it having hippogriff in the first manual. Then, on the next manual you have segments for Grouse (Giant), Greco-Roman Wrestler, and Gummy bears. There will now be no place to put them. Worse, what if hippogriff takes up two pages and now I have to put the above mentioned between hippogriff pages.

I know it would probably be too much to ask to have everything on one page to have it perfectly neat. I'm not asking you to account for every monster and every letter transition. Just having the first letter transitions be clean would help a bit on us slightly ocd DMs. So what if Dragon, Grey cuts between Dragon Green pages, at least they're goth under 'D'. So long as we don't have a page on Eagle, Giant right in the middle of the Dragons section, I'd be happy.

Thank You.