Who plays next exclusively

I'm currently playing with 2 groups that are only playtesting Next.

I hadn't played since 2E when I found out about the playtest. One of the groups I'm with consists of me and 2 players who had never played D&D previously. I'm DMing and these 2 new players love Next.

The second group I'm in (which I'm also currently the DM for), consists of me, 2 players who haven't played for a number of years (since at least 2E if not longer), and 2 brand new players (different from the 2 new players in my first group). Everyone in that group is really liking it so far.

Of course we have feedback for things we'd like to see changed/bettered in Next, but since both of these groups are new groups and consist of players that were'nt recently involved in any other D&D groups and/or editions, Next is basically what got us all together, so that's why we aren't playing anything else right now.
I'm currently playing D&DNext, 4e and Pathfinder alternatingly week to week, but I'm only DMing D&DNext. I really like how the rules light (even unfinished aspect) of the playtest lets me flow freely and DM with less preparation and system mastery. I have DMd all versions for over 30 years. I burned out with 3.5 and 4e. Next is fresh and easy at this point. Some of it is the game itself (ability checks, lower monster AC and hit points, less option paralysis, etc.) and some of it is just where I'm at in my life.

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we only played each packet a few sesions it is somthing we made our backup for when not al players can be there for our standard campign world.
I am exclusively playing D&D Next in three different campaigns.

  • Home game that began with the pre-release packet materials at PAX East 2012 (once a month).

  • Home game that began after the first public packet released (once a month).

  • D&D Encounters at my local FLGS (every Wednesday). 


Main game 4E.

Alt-game 13A or Dungeon World.

Playtest only a bit when able.

Frankly I won't switch over until the monsters are up to scratch.
Gathering interested playtesters had been difficult over here.  The local encounters group is huge, but last season I was only able to fill one playtest table.  After that experience, most of them didn't want to do it again - and I was tempted to reprise my Neverwinter character, anyway.  

We are (finally) doing a playtest of the current packet this weekened, though.  



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Next is the only game I am playing.  The party recently finished the Isle of Dread, spent some time in Greyhawk, and have just begun delving into Greyhawk Ruins.
D&D Next only. It's definitely the best itteration of D&D so far, imho.
I primarily playtest D&D Next every week either online or face 2 face between 2 groups. I also run a 2E campaign monthly and play in a 4E one bi-monthly. In between i try to squeeze some LFR in whenever i can, but it has been more difficult lately. I often find D&D Next playtest session to play in but that is relatively rare as i DM most of the time.

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D&D Next is the only game I'm running right now with one group, once a week.

I'm not sure I could ever go back to running 4e, even incomplete Next already runs much smoother than 4e ever did. 
Glad to see im actually getting a good amount of replies. I gotta say im a bit suprised, i keep popping my head back in here and seeing what they have been doing with it. Overall it looks like i see much more positive things about it than i do negative which is a promising sign itll help sell it to my group. The monster manual thing i think is an easy fix i cant imagine monsters are very hard to customize for purposes of expanding it for homebrew games, from the material present it looks like it is actually complete enough for home settings. There is one thing i see vanishing soon, which are the specialties. While they are nice for new players they seem like they dont really offer anything than a list of suggested feats unless your DM is forcing you to pick one of them.
Mostly Next. We play biweekly, and are playing 4e as the main game, but we have been playing more and more 5e due to DM scheduling issues. Soon enough, it'll be all 5e, I hope.
We're playing Next mostly, having a quick break for D20 Modern at the mo, will continue with Next soon.
I actually think Next should have been a new version of d20 modern.

And then from there, we could've gotten a good D&D game.

There would've been less controversy over "bounded accuracy", skills, class features, & feats.

Could've tested a bunch of concepts without anyone shouting "we hates it forever."
We are alternating every week between DnD Next and 3e.

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Gathering interested playtesters had been difficult over here.  The local encounters group is huge, but last season I was only able to fill one playtest table.  After that experience, most of them didn't want to do it again - and I was tempted to reprise my Neverwinter character, anyway.  

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5th Ed is shaping up to be a proper successor to 1st/2nd Ed.

Love it.

Converting everything. 
I am playing only Next with my group, players chose so after the first packet and they seem to be loving it
I am busy converting everything, and I mean everything from pervious editions, yes, that includes the rad AEDU classes, some might be surprised at how easy it is to convert everything, and I mean everything! *in the voice of Jack Back/Tenacious D/Yarling*
We have only 2 games of Next, before that it was FFG 40k setting games, and before that it was 4e. 

My mind is a deal-breaker.

I DM Next. I honestly like DM it better then other versions of D&D.

I have no interest in being a player, but I have been participating in a next game mostly cause of the DM.

I have mostly been playing multiple bi-weekly games of  CoC, Serenity, Song of Ice & Fire and 4e.

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Late next month our group will celebrate a year of nothing but Next.

Well, not 'celebrate' celebrate.  But the game has been very well received.
My group has been playing pathfinder, and really enjoys the adventure paths.  Pathfinder has too much crunch and magic items for our taste, though it is a good game.  So we have been playtesting Dnd Next alot since the March packet.  We have high hopes for the game.  If it sucks we will probaly go back to 2E and BECMI.
Yeah, i was sort of thinking the same thing so far. Picked up a copy of the 2e book and now i think i might like that better than pathfinder/3e. Not as crunchy and more freedom. What worries me about next so far is they dont seem to be showcasing how it is going to be modular and the current packet seems to be very limited in spell selection.
I talked my table into playtesting Next and they grudgingly agreed after being assured that we could resume our 4e game after one adventure.  That was about six months ago.  We're still playing our playtest campaign exclusively.

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