How high is the wall conjured by a Wand of Conjuring?

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The utility power of the Wand of Conjuring conjures a wall 5 within 10. However, the power's text does not indicate how high this wall is. So how high is it?

Thanks, Al'Kelhar
Each cube of a wall is 1x1x1. If you stack all five of them, it'll be five cubes high, but only one wide.
To expand slightly, wall X powers give you X squares (cubes, really) of wall.  No more than that.  So a wall 5 can be 5 contiguous cubes on the ground each sharing no more than two sides with another, or 5 cubes stacked one on top of the other, or any legal variation between the two - but you don't get more than 5 cubes.
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