Character Builder - can I "filter" what I want to use?

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when I create a character, can I select that I only want to use one/two books?

like "only give me the options for PHB1 & 2"

I seem to remember that in the old CB this was possible


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I know you can edit by source for things like Feats, Themes, and even Items.  I've never really tried to do it for Races and Classes.

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I had this very same question some time ago and sadly, no. There is no such option.
It was one my group really wanted to.

Unfourtunately, the only thing you can do is set the filter to "Source" and it will group things by book.
That should be doable in just about every instance from races and classes to feats and powers.

Unfortounately, all the other options will continue to be visible, and expended by default, obstructing view and increase the time necessary to get to the options you're looking for.
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