3.5e "Blood Elf" ability list. Comments and criticism?

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So, basically I'm making a custom class for a specific player, and trying to give her martial-related powers that cost hit points to use (plus other soft limits, but no /day). The following is a list of potential low-level abilities I have come up with.

If you have suggestions for new powers, comments or criticisms about these powers, or advice (other than "check out tome of battle"), I would appreciate anything and everything constructive that you have to say to me, even if it's just advice about DMing, this forum, or my posting technique.

The abilities (called Sacrifices) are listed as though in a class spell list. More detailed descriptions have yet to be made, though I have stats in mind.

So, here it is. 

1st Level Sacrifices


Blood Power: For each hit point sacrificed, gain +1d6 damage with selected weapon for 1 round. (max 1/odd level attained)

Burning Drive: Move faster and jump higher for 1 round. (1hp cost)

Leech: Mark with dagger to steal constitution and healing, hinder and share some damage with target. (~2hp cost)

Punishment: Use as an immediate action to gain attack of opportunity under certain circumstances. (E.G. when two flanking enemies both hit, etc) (~2hp cost)

Resilience: Trade points of Chaos Energy for an equal number of hit points.

*NOTE: Chaos Energy is the other soft-limit on how often these abilities can be used. It is earned (usually 1-2 points at a time) by hurting things. For each hit point you spend on a sacrifice, you must also spend a point of Chaos Energy (1:1 ratio).


2nd Level Sacrifices


Sudden Vault: Leap from standing as a swift action, and gain benefits of charge.

Grief-Splitter: Anoint a throwing weapon to explode on impact, harming adjacent creatures or dealing extra damage.



 Other, less certain ideas (no idea where to put them) include:

Drink: When you deliver a successful Coup de Grace attack with this sacrifice, gain hp equal to targets failed fortitude save -10. 

Xenophobia: Summoned creatures take double damage from your attacks, may be dispelled.

I could use help coming up with abilities, placing them correctly, and knowing what is reasonable at higher levels. Any advice is welcome.

And thanks for reading! 

You'd probably get a better response asking in the Previous Editions Forum (or the various 3.5e forums not on the Wizards site).
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FYI, my class suggestions in your other thread were based on the class not having spells... Put them in one thread with

so that we can see it all in one place. 

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