An Uphill Battle But a Winnable War (Film)

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I'm sure this has been on the forums before and it's probably a dead horse. I tried the search thing but it really didn't get any good points out and was over 2 years ago for any kind of mention. I didn't see anywhere else to post.

I felt strong enough to make an account to post this.

D&D and film have unsuccessfully tried to meld but just can't quite get what's needed to flourish. I think D&D could really open up the genre, especially now. We're missing some medieval fantasy... good medieval fantasy, not the campy, comedies or dramas and please not the complete action movies that have little to no plot and just a ton of over-the-top explosions and stunts.

Here's a small list of the old greats (imho):

Conan the Barbarian

Some pretty good but not great:

The Dark Crystal

Newer ones that could be considered:

The Lord of the Rings

All of these have good stories, as well as, good action. Doing a project like "The Lord of the Rings" or the Narnia series would be a massive undertaking and I'm not saying do something like that, but I am saying to look at how they were directed, acted and put together. There's not some comedian actor trying to ham it up with stupidity comedy, they aren't complete action movies with a shallow story and they aren't dramas. They are a good mix. Especially the ones on my greats list.

Some of the old modules could be some of the best adventure stories turned into film. Some would have to be checked for sensibleness (mainstream people have a hard time wrapping their brains around non-'normal' fantasy creatures and such).

Some adventures that could make good films after some editing: (Excuse my lack of memory on some of these but I'm sure you know which I'm talking about)

Against the Cult of the Reptile God (one of my favorites)
The Temple of Elemental Evil (from the beginning, "Hommlet", I think was the first one)
The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
Descent Into the Depths/Vault of the Drow (I wasn't much for the Giant series or replace the giants with something else, like we did)
The Scourge of the Slavelords
The Isle of Dread*
Keep on the Borderlands*
The Lost City (another favorite)
Dwellers of the Forbidden City
Iuz the Evil (reference but I used it making my group have an adventure there to lift a curse)*
Master of the Desert Nomads/Temple of Death
Saga of the Shadowlord
The Savage Coast*
Horror on the Hill

I know it's a big mix of stuff but all these could be great on film. Then if that doesn't do it, there's always the best seller books. The semi-sequal to the D&D movie, "Wrath of the Dragon God", I think it was called, was a big step in the right direction. The acting wasn't terrible and the cgi wasn't too distracting. The problem was trying to throw in too much D&D and not enough information about the characters/plot/story. Granted, I'm not saying it was great but better than anything previous that was put out having to do with D&D and it was actually entertaining. Unlike the crap I couldn't sit through that went to the theater.

Ok, there it is, I guess. Now that I have this off my chest and have a hope, if not a slim hope, that there are others that share my moving picture cravings might be able to put something together. 'hint, hint, nudge, nudge'

Disclaimer: This is a list of what I've seen or played. I did not list the ones I didn't like and I didn't list the ones I haven't played.

 * = These were more gazetters with adventures but following through some of the adventures were some of the best playing I've done. Of course the adventures were modified for the campaign and would need to be modified for film.
Just watch Game of Thrones. There will never be a good fantasy film. The best fantasy/period film is Vahalla Rising. There are no wizards but it is the grittiest fantasy films I have ever seen.
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