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I'm looking to see if there is a feat (preferrably) or magic item that would allow a wizard to change the energy type of their spells,e,g, fire becoming lightning.

I've tried searching using all the different queries that I can think of. Can anyone help me please?
There are lots of magic weapons/implements that change damage types.  Which is what I am assuming you mean.  The other option is to add a damage type.

For example, lightning weapon -> free action to activate the ability -> all attacks using the weapon now do lightning damage no matter what damage they did before. 
The tricky part here is that some types of magic weapon specifically state they only change untyped damage, which most wizard powers do not do.  Flaming and Lightning weapons are two examples with that restriction. However, the Frost Weapon and Force weapon do not have that restriction, and both can be applied to Staves, so you could make all your attacks do Frost or Force damage.

   There are also options for the Wizard to gain proficiency in other weapon types as implements, such as longswords as an implement, which opens up other options such as the Sunblade (makes all damage Radiant)

  There is also the Arcane Admixture feat which adds a single damage type to a single power you know in addition to its normal damage type.

In general most feats and items for wizards focus on taking one damage type and making it stronger (adding bonus damage or effects, or bypassing resistance) than on changing damage types, but it is possible.

Flaming is the only weapon that says that.... lightning works fine.
Huh, could have sworn when I was double checking in the compendium that lightning said that too, but I must have been looking at something else.  My bad.
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