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Since the online Character Builder will no longer be updated, it will probably be a matter of time before the online tools (diminish and) disappear.

For my own homebrew game, I'm doing a somewhat Reductionist approach. My hope is that one day, a new Player at my table no longer has to sift through a lot of books to pick the best (ie, most powerful) options available to him for his Role.

With this thread I hope to compile a list of the most useful / iconic following segments of 4E
- Items
- Feats
- Paragon Paths
- Epic DestiniesFor each if you wish, you can include behind it S for Striker, D for Defender, L for Leader, C for Controller
You can include your comments on why you recommend it,

If you wish, you can also provide best Powers (any power) for the following Classes, that will likely be core Classes of every D&D game.
- Rogue, Fighter, Mage (Wizard/Sorcerer), Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Druid, Bard, Barbarian, Psion
Powers from other Classes are also welcome, if you think they are notably powerful. Some Classes that I think have quite powerful abilities include
- Warlock, Warlord, Battlemind, Shaman
This is entirely OPTIONAL because there are excellent Handbooks out there for each Class.

I have my own picks from these things, but the purpose is just to form a quick Crowdsource Handbook List.

Eventually with the list, New Players can easily pick and choose.

Hope to hear your inputs.

I am Blue/White

reserved for Items

I am Blue/White

reserved for Feats

I am Blue/White

reserved for Paragon Paths

I am Blue/White

reserved for Epic Destinies

I am Blue/White

I'd start by building a wiki for this. Seems much more manageable than a forum thread.

Then you just copy all the blue and better options from the CharOp class handbooks.

After that, rely on community input to fill out the list.
Sounds like a Plan

I am Blue/White

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