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So I recently found this funny combo with the new Varolz, the Scar-Striped and Vexing Devil 

Are there any other cards that work really well for cheap scavenge with high amount of counters preferably Red Green Black?

I see Slumbering Dragon has high p/t for it'c cost, but its not gartuneed to hit grave
Oh and it doesn't matter if it's standard or not
I'm really liking Death's Shadow. Is still quite usable late game without just having to hit the grave 
Skullbriar, if you're playing Commander. Especially if Skullbriar is your Commander.
Skullbriar, if you're playing Commander. Especially if Skullbriar is your Commander.

Would it be wiser to run with Skullbriar as your commander and Varolz somewhere in your deck, or with Varolz as your commander and Skullbriar somewhere in your deck?  I know Skullbriar would keep counters in the command zone and that's nice.. but if you're building a deck around high power-to-cmc-ratio creatures to be able to use Varolz, it may be more important to be able to cast and, if necessary, recast Varolz as convenient.

Circling Vultures merits consideration - it can put itself from your hand into your graveyard for free at will, and grants that same 3-power-1-CMC ratio as Slumbering Dragon.

Sleeper Agent worth considering.  Same ratio, and while there's no convenient way to get it into the grave, your opponent is going to be trying his very best to rid himself of it.
As for things getting into your graveyard, there's lots of ways to do that.  Anything that says "draw, then discard" or even the less popular "discard, then draw" or then there are some things that make you mill yourself or look at the top several cards, take one and put the rest in your yard, etc.  Mulch comes to mind, also Grisly Salvage.   Both are pretty much staples in recursion decks.  You could also tutor up the Scar guy and tutor a target into your yard with Jarad's Orders.  Comboes abound even in standard.

Edit: Also don't forgat about Eater of Days , Leveler , Groundbreaker, Ball Lightning etc as possible scavengers.
Great suggestions so far! Thanks Guys!
Cosmic Larva is pretty good. It can either sacrifice itself easily so you can scavenge it, or you can scavenge something on to it and let it kill in one turn. (Unfortunately, you can't use mana from the lands you sacrifice to pay scavenge costs).
Skullbriar, if you're playing Commander. Especially if Skullbriar is your Commander.

Indeed, scavenge counters on it, let it die, scavenge him into another creature, putting him on the command zone. Rinse and repeat.

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Endless Whispers works well with Varolz
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