Halfling Vampires: Do they enjoy food?

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I realize that in most mythologies vampires require no sustenance beyond the life energy found in blood. But, as a Halfling, would I still crave that flagon of mead, or that roast mutton turning slowly over the fire to succulent perfection? Do vampires have functioning taste buds? What of the living survives undeath?
That is entirely up to you. There is nothing in the class that says you don't eat or even that you require  blood to live. It is up to you and your DM to decide your world's Vampire lore.
What Veleria said.  Entirely up to the individual table to determine.
Did you really need a thread for this?
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I thought it was a great thread subject!  This is the character development section after all, not the rules Q&A.

Personally I'd approach it as an indication of their "humanity" and power.  Younger vampires still carry the habbits of their life time and enjoy food, drink, sex etc.   Older more powerful vampires care less for trivialities.  So a creature with a strong enjoyment/desire may carry that with them for a long time. 
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One of my favorite TV vampire characters has always been Spike from Buffy. He liked smoking and eating and drinking just for the taste or to look cool/tough, even though it would have no effect on him. There's even a scene where someone asks him why he eats chicken wings, and his reply is that he likes them. And this is silly, but Spike also liked putting Wheatabix cereal in his reheated blood.
So, nope, not impossible to still want to eat that delicious roast. 
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