These vials don't burn so bad...

So...Holy Water, Acid, and Alchemist's Fire deal some pretty weak damage and are expensive....

Think it will be improved later on or are these items going to be pitiful in the long run of things?
So...Holy Water, Acid, and Alchemist's Fire deal some pretty weak damage and are expensive....

Think it will be improved later on or are these items going to be pitiful in the long run of things?

It does raise an interesting question of whether those sorts of items should scale.
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There are currently issues, related to the way damage scales in general. They might get a bump up to 2d4 or more, but it seems unlikely that they'll deal competitive damage in the long term (because the game doesn't assume wealth or availability are necessarily restricted by level, and they don't want the party solution for a level 4 boss dragon to involve pooling the party wealth to buy one flask of high-level super-acid).

The metagame is not the game.

As always, the GM is free to provide more things for his players.

But think about the impact on the game it will have to have these somewhat available materials (albeit at a price) start doing damage above and beyond a single melee hit with a 1h weapon.

The standard 1d4/round damage for acid/fire (only one round for holy water, alas) is enough for it to be a little bit viable as a weapon.

Mostly, I think, they're meant to be used as tools for traps/snares/immune monsters/undead rather than giving a smash-on whopping amazing damage.

If the PC's are a little clever, acid/alchemists fire combined with regular oil can be/holywater can be combined in lots of nasty ways.

Yes the cost is harsh, but unless any partymembers are trained as alchemists with access to a lab and raw materials, it's really hard to get a hold of and the price is accordingly high. The baseline setting doesn't have a ton of alchemists, but if your game does, there should be some market forces at work, meaning the price should be lower than "normal".

Holy water has in previous editions had a material component of 25g equivalent in silver per dose, so it should atleast always cost 25g, even if one of the PC's is a cleric making it her/himself.
Has any one consider throwing two or more vials at the same time?
I'm not asking for a big increase in damage, no sir.  Just a little bump and maybe even tie a side effect to said item such as Holy Water giving disadvantage to undead/fiend for 1d4 rounds.  Alchemist's Fire does ongoing fire damage until the target makes a DC 11 Dexterity save, which is nice although at higher levels, most monsters will pass this (theoretically, of course).

I'd at least increase the damage of the these items to a d6 if I were a DM.  Or at least have some interesting side effect to the items to make them worth my action to throw.  If my aim is to kill a fiend, I'd probably attack it with a dagger at the cost of 2 gold vs holy water at the cost of 25g.  I can throw the dagger farther, btw.  And yes, I am aware that the fiend may have vulnerability to radiant damage, but I dont think a rogue can sneak attack with holy water (debatable).  A dagger with sneak attack would hurt a lot more than a flask of holy water.

Now, if this was the start of combat or mid, and holy water gave the fiend disadvantage...I may be more inclined to try and use my action to throw said water. 
I think the best part of D&DN is that it isn't all about the numbers.  We could boost damage or add more dice, but I think CrimsonAssassin is spot on with his suggestion.  Give the flasks something unique and fun.

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These kinds of items always filled my mind with possibilities in previous editions, but there's always too little bang for the buck. It's unfortunate that 5E is making the same mistake of filling up pages of this stuff while no one in their right mind would buy it.

I'd like to see them treated as magic items with variable potencies/costs. Magic caltrops and alchemist napalm should be cool loot at low to mid-levels and not an expensive waste of an action.
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