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Hey everyone. So, once upon a time, I bought an RPG roughly based on d20 Modern called Monte Cook's World of Darkness. I LOVED the premise. This is the premise, in short summary form:

One year ago, something called the Iconnu tried to eat reality. It failed. Humans with a particularly strong faith in their sense of reality acted like some sort of communal-network-consciousness, or a sort of philosophical immune system, that held our reality together. Instead, our reality was fractured. Nightmares came to life. It is as if the nightmares were created to hunt down and kill those humans that keep this reality alive.


Some of those nightmares, however, have come to like their new place in this reality. Now, living nightmares and humans awakened to the apocalyptic phenomenon occurring around them have started to band together to fight against the Iconnu intrusion and defend their ontic existence. Are you ready to join the battle? WAKE UP!!!!!!

The only problem is, the rules needed some tweaking. Over the years I have played many other d20 RPGs. In the face of Star Wars Saga, 4e, and the D&DNext playtest, I have taken my favorite innovations and struggled to produce a variant of Monte Cook's World of Darkness that both a) incorporates them and b) is balanced.

You can see the result of my work here. I hope you enjoy! Please, let me know what you think.  
So, any thoughts?
From quick glance, seem good. Need more time to really read through it. But then you usually do some pretty awesome work, like your Land of Nod stuff.
Thank you for the kind words! 

Well, I have run one game with my changes so far. The group is composed of a scourge demon, a deava vampire, and an eldoth werewolf. I am very happy with the way the game ran. Honestly, I think these changes result in my favorite d20 game to date! I am quite pleased with the result.

After reading through it more, looks pretty good. Although I've never played in the World of Darkness universe (any version), does make me want to look into playing it more than before.

Hey, if you enjoyed it, then definitely made some good changes. That's what matters, that you had fun!

On another note, been much updates with Land of Nod or that mostly abandoned? 
It was only ever published as a stand alone single volume product. It meshes well with other 3.5e products, though. 
It's also published by White Wolf for many years if I'm not mistaken..
White Wolf has published (and is still publishing) the World of Darkness for many years. Monte Cook's World of Darkness is not exactly the World of Darkness, though. It is a very different beast, both in terms of feel, flavor, fluff, and mechanics. They do share some common ground, but they are not one and the same by a very long stretch. 

Monte Cook's World of Darkness only exists as a single stand alone book. It has no splats. It never has. But, it does mesh with other d20 Modern and d20 3.5 products (if you are willing to put a little work into jury rigging the oddities that may sometimes occur when you mix and match product lines).

Personally, World of Darkness is not really my cup of tea. It is a little too romantically (as in the classic use of the term, as a form of genre) inflected for my tastes. Some of that is still in Monte Cook's World of Darkness. That cannot be avoided, as Gothic fiction is born out of romanticism. But, Monte Cook's World of Darkness is also a little more pulpy and action oriented. It is kind of like playing a game of Anti-Super-Heroes in the face of an impending apocalypse, but with a strong dose of post-modern gothic horror. That is more my style than a classic romantic Gothic horror story told in modern day times.  

Not that there is anything wrong with classic World of Darkness. From what I hear it is a great game. If I got invited into a game, I would probably even play. But, when it comes to what I want to buy into, McWoD was more than enough for me. I love McWoD (after houseruling it into my own vision of what a d20 game should look like), but that is all I need myself. 
Ah, two different settings just with same name. Easy to get confused then. Thanks for clearing that up.
Ah, two different settings just with same name. Easy to get confused then. Thanks for clearing that up.

They are not completely different settings. Monte Cook's World of Darkness is based on the World of Darkness setting published by White Wolf. It is a re-imagining of White Wolf's setting. But, all the stuff I really like about Monte Cook's version are not present in the original. The original is designed to be run with a homogeneous monster type. Monte Cook's is designed to be run with a group of mixed creature types. The original features a world which has always had vampires, werewolves, and the like. In Monte Cook's the world was mundane up until one year ago when the Iconnu tried to eat our reality. In the original the theme of the game is largely trying to keep your humanity in the face of a curse/supernatural power so grandiose in its implications that it is horrifically sublime. Monte Cook's has some element of that, but it also has a something more postmodern; it is more like a monster romp which questions the politics of stereotyping. I mean, here are these supernatural creatures designed to destroy this world's philosophical immune system, but many of them just want to live in peace. What is more, many of the most monstrous factions in the game are human. It feels a little more like Being Human to me (while the original feels a little more like something out of Ann Rice). 

So, not two completely different settings (as one is a revision of the other), but still two very different settings. Monte Cook's is a little more my style. And, as I am very familiar with d20 gaming, I can make it even more my style by houseruling it to do what I want it to. I can't really do that effectively with a system that I am not familiar with. It takes a few years of playing a completely different system before I feel comfortable enough to houserule it the way I have with Monte Cook's version.

Ok. I am done being pedantic now. Smile  
Ah. That definitely cleared things up more. And I do like the reference to Being Human. British version or American version? Tongue Out
Either. Well, the vampires in the World of Darkness are more like the vampires in the US version, as the ones in the British version don't really seem to have any powers other than immortality. That, however, may have been the result of budgetary restrictions. I mean, one vampire does kill 30 people in a subway train. That requires some level of above human capability. But, the basic premise of either Being Human is an inversion of the gothic, romantic paradigm. The sublime is created not by a shape in human form that is actually something so inhuman that it creates terror and horror but rather by a sign for something that is ostensibly so inhuman that it creates terror and horror, but which turns out to be little more than a human (whatever powers it may have).

I have also noted that this pedantic escapade was spawned by me misreading something you wrote. You asked if Land of Nod had been abandoned or not; for some reason I thought you asked if Monte Cook's World of Darkness had been abandoned or not. My bad!

Yea, I have not really done any work on the Land of Nod. In many ways, it seems a little outdated. A lot of the themes I wanted to deal with are dealt with better via something like Eclipse Phase (an RPG that I have bought into, and which I REALLY love). I put a lot of effort into it, and who knows when I might return to it, so I am leaving it up. But, I haven't really done anything new with it for a while.  
I also have an open sandbox style quest I wrote for the game, if anyone wants...
And I put up two new vampire devotions today: Shape of the Beast (lets you take an animal's form) and Soul of the Swarm (lets you take an animal's form and control a swarm of similar animals). 
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