Castle Ravenloft / Wrath of Ashardalon - Still being Printed?

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I was looking at these two games on Amazon and noted that they only have a given quantity left of each.  Are these games out of print or are they being printed still?

Thanks in advance. 
I'm not sure about CR or LoD, but the guy that runs my local FLGS says that he wanted to order more copies of WoA and none were available. He asked when would they be available and the supplier said that the product appeared to be on hold. That means there's no reprints in the works right now, but there could be more in the future.

Take from that what you will. My guess is that this is a simple business decision. If there's enough demand, the game will get a reprint. The game is 2 years old and my guess is that those who are most likely to buy the game have already done so. From this point on there's going to be a small trickle of new customers until all the existing stock is sold and then probably a small reprint run if the market exists.

Bottom line is that if the supplier was correct and these games are not reprinting, they will soon be hard to find and will probably sell for a little more than listed price. If you want it, but it while you can.
Thanks for this.  I picked up Wrath of Ashardalon.
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