Bloodied thoughts on Experimental Rule 2 for healing

My friend said this was old school or as he calls us "OG for Original Gamers" out of the 70's. But other than the experimental rule I mention in the subject. When a character or monster is bloodied, is flee or "save my life from emiment perril" type of + bonus an option when one enters into the half hit points for consideration within Next?
Well, I know that one option of Intimidate in 4e was to force a monster to give up or flee, but only if they were bloodied. That might be an interesting method of doing things.

Personally, I just eyeball it and do what seems natural. A group of trained hobgoblins will order a tactical retreat when it looks like they're losing, while a bunch of goblins will turn tail and scatter if there's an especially high-damage kill or if a lot of them die quickly. A big, burly bugbear won't run for nothin', no matter how hard a beating it's taking. It all depends on the creature, its level of intelligence, and its overall outlook.

This is more of a Playtest Packet Discussion so I'll move it there.


Has anyone ever slain a halfling who begged for mercy after trying to rob you?

I have.  There were no witnesses. 
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