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Currently I am working on a project, that is essentially going to be what pathfinder was to 4e. The only problem that i am having is working out a spell system. I like 4e's system as opposed to 3e's because each class gets their own set of powers, not just the magic classes. The main thing that i see as lacking in 4e's system is that there are few out of combat spells, such as create water, or dancing lights, and those that are were made into rituals. 

I would prefer to modify 4e's spell system, but i want it to be different enough so that it is not a direct rip -off. Could anyone provide suggestions as to how i could make it distinct, or even give input as to what you like about 4e and 3e so i can get ideas as to what people find to be good, and bad. Any input is welcomed, Thank You!

What's stopping you from simply using 4e adding those spells in as options? If you feel like an at-will Create Water spell isn't worthy, maybe couple it with a handful of others like Mage Hand and Prestidigitation, or however many/few you think balances well.

IMHO (and trust me, I realize that this isn't the place to debate it) 4e doesn't have many out of combat spells because the system is geared toward grid-based combat and not much else.

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