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I run a play by post (PBP) game at nojnor.yuku.com

We are looking for an additional player.  The group is still level 1 (about to hit level 2), so most likely you still start at level 1 or 2 depending on how soon I can fit you into the story.  We have another new player about to jump in, so it would work well if I can add a new player in the next couple of days so I can introduce both into the story at the same time.

So, if you are interested, head over to nojnor.yuku.com and check it out.  Create an account and post something on the message to board that you are interested and we can start fleshing out a character.


Weasel aka Merin Janick     
Thanks everyone for the interest.  We are back to full again.

I am willing to start a waiting list if people are interested.  Feel free to come by the site and say Hi.  
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