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Armored Wolf-Rider :G::W:
Creature - Elf Knight | Common
Wolf-riders of Selesnya apprentice from a young age. Each rider raises a wolf pup from birth to serve as a mount, hoping that one day the two will share the honor of guarding the Great Concourse.
Thraben Purebloods & Co. were playable, this should be as well. 

Standard Pauper! (play it on MTGO)
Another purty Selesnya card. 
Neat vanilla.
Not broken but not jank. Cant complain

EDH: Kresh, the Bloodbraided


In Swansea? PM me if youre up for an EDH game or two!


 I am Red/Green
I am Red/Green

Blocks daddy.
That's a very solid common.
This set seems to have a higher percentage of playable dudes than most others.

"We wlll kill them all."

Lovely art, and its an Elf Knight to. Sweet!
White and green creatures sure can get beefy.
Heya everyone, here are my homebrew threads: (yes there is only one right now, but there are more to come!) And Let There Be Fish-Men: KUO-TOA
A nice, Limited-playable Selesnya vanilla.


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Strictly better than jasmine boreal I guess
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