Amulet of Seduction -- does the charmed creature move to interpose itself?

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The Amulet of Seduction has a daily charm power:

Power (Charm): Daily (Standard Action). Make an attack: Close burst 1; one creature in burst; Charisma + the amulet's enhancement bonus vs. Will; on a hit, the target cannot attack you (save ends). While this effect lasts, if the target is adjacent to you when you are targeted by a melee or a ranged attack, the target interposes itself (as an immediate interrupt) and becomes the target of the attack instead. If the target takes damage from any source, the effect of this power ends. 

Let's say that the charmed creature (X) is on one side of me, and I'm attacked (melee) by another creature (Y) that's on the other side of me.  That is, I'm flanked by the two creatures.  The power says that creature X interposes itself in order to be the target of an attack.  Does that mean that it actually moves into my square?  Does it swap spaces with me?
It doesn't actually enter your space or change spaces, but it still gets hit by the attack from Y even if the attack from Y has a range of 1 square only.  There is no change in current locations by you or X.

  Powers and rules in 4e only do what they say they do, so as long as X is adjcaent to you when you're targeted by a melee or ranged attack, and X can legally make an immediate action, it is compelled to use its immediate action to be targeted by the attack in your place - no one changes positions unless another power (such as the triggering attack) cause them to do so.
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