White Plume Mountain Weapons - Blackrazor, Whelm, and Wave

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Since I am getting ready to run White Plume Mountain, I decided to have a go at translating the famous weapons to 5E.  I'd love to hear some feedback since the fine folk at ENWorld don't seem very interested in the tread:

Wave – This trident is ornately decorated with aquatic images. When grasped, it emanates a divine fervor, urging its bearer to follow its lead.
1. +3 Trident dedicated to the worship of Procan (Oeridian God of the Oceans)
2. Critical: Dehydrates target: +3d6 damage, save (Con:15) or be stunned for 1-6 rounds. Stunned characters/creatures may use an action to make a Con save each round to end the effect.
3. Confers waterbreathing and underwater action on user
4. Grants the ability to communicate with any sea creature
5. Once per day may summon a cube of force for 10 non-consecutive rounds. The user may dismiss and re-summon the cube for a total of 10 rounds per day.
6. Wave will force users to worship Procan and spread his word. If user fails to proselytize daily, the trident becomes a mere +1 trident. 

Whelm- Whelm is plain and unadorned, with a steel head and a haft made from the golden wood of a gingko tree. When it's wielded, Whelm glows with a soft, silver-black light.
1. +1 Hammer (+3 to Dwarf) – Purpose: Kill all Trolls, Giants, Goblins
2. Critical: Subject is disintegrated (Con:12) if M or smaller, L or larger takes 20 damage
3. 3xday can be thrown 150’ and return to user’s hand
4. 1xday can be used to stun (con:15) up to 65 HP of enemies in 60’ radius for 1-4 rounds when ground is struck. Stunned character/creatures may use an action to make a Con save each round to end the effect.
5. Detects gold, gems, and presence of goblins at 60’. Detection is blocked by 6" of stone/1" of iron.
6. User suffers extreme agoraphobia and is at disadvantage on all rolls when not inside, underground, or at night.

Blackrazor - Blackrazor’s blade is as black as the night sky and sparkles with the stars of alien constellations. The chill of the endless void emanates from Blackrazor, and those who stare into its blade too long get the eerie feeling that the stars within are slowly drifting closer...
1. +3 Chaotic Neutral Greatsword,- Purpose: To devour souls 
2. Any Lawful character attempting to wield BR takes 15 damage and is stunned for 1-4 rounds. Thereafter, the character has a severe aversion to BR and all rolls (combat and checks) are at disadvantage while BR is within sight. Characters/creatures can use an action each round to make a Con save to end the effect.
3. Critical: +3d6 necrotic damage, user gains HP equal to necrotic damage roll.
4. Detect living creatures (souls) 60’. Detection is blocked by 6" of stone/1" of iron.
5. Grants Haste to user 1/day
6. Advantage on saves vs. charm and fear
7. Any creature killed by BR has its soul devoured and cannot be raised by any means.
8. If BR does not feed for 3 days, it will dominate its user and force it to kill.
9. If BR strikes a negative energy being, user loses 3d6 HP and save (Con:15) or stunned for 1-4 rounds.
I have decided i like this and will use on saturday, i only have to questions

1. what is an underwater action?
2. what are the rules for cube of force?
1. what is an underwater action?  

No rules yet for underwater action, so I would just allow the user to make full moves underwater as if they were on land and, in general, be unhindered by the water during their actions.

    2. what are the rules for cube of force?

Likewise no rules yet for a Cube of Force.  In my game I allowed the user to create an impenetrable cube 10' x 10' for up to 10 rounds a day.  The cube blocked all attacks in or out and acted as a wall of force.  

If you are not comfortable using a cube of force in your playtest, change it to a wall of ice.  My player has used the cube of force in very creative ways and it's been a lot of fun to adjudicate. 
2. there are also no rules for wall of ice. wall of stone was rules but i like you idea of impentrables for ten rounds but it could still be destroyed by spells like disintergrate, passwall, and dispel magic. groovy
I would love to hear how your White Plume Mountain sessions go, especially how the players react to the weapons.  Thanks.
Will do
I just had a closer read of these weapons, Wave is fine and dandy but why did you add critical damage to the other too, they weren't in the orginal.
Also blackrazor power has no reason to want souls, this doesn't match the flavour. my orginal plan of putting the death circlet power fits better. Also why would lawful character suffer to hold it, is that a feature of weapons from 2nd edition?

I have mediated on the original and besides the dehydrate being over powered and level drain being from the past, i think they are ok.

Let me know what you think, i will have to probably adjust for tomorrow night before hand 
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