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I live in a small town called Woodbury TN, not too far from Murfreesboro TN. I'm looking to either make or join a group of D&D players (prefferably join). My shedule is extremely flexible, so that wouldn't be a problem. It also doesn't really matter to me what edition or ruleset we play by. However, although I tend to be a pretty quick learner, I'm still a very inexperienced D&D player and so I'm looking for someone patient enough to help show me how to play.
I live in Murfreesboro, myself. You should check out "Roll the Dice" over behind the mall on Old Fort Parkway. They run the Encounters nights on Wednesday nights- they may even have games looking for players up on their bulletin board.

Roll the Dice!

    • 215 Robert Rose Dr

    •  ·
    • Murfreesboro

  • (615) 818-4219

So many PCs, so little time...
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