About to embark on a playtest of 5e, need some advice on resources

I am about to start a campaign, utilizing a world I have been working on, so it'll be easy enough to use in any system.  I am interested in using 5e as a base, especially to playtest to see if it'll run well enough for the people who are playing.  They have No preferrence for which system, they just want to play.  So the onus of selecting a system is on me.  As an introduction, I am using the 1st level adventure "A Dark and Stormy Knight", an adventure module from 3.5e.  I've modified the creatures that are in it to conform to the current playtest rules (41113) and thought that was pretty easy.  My cocnern is having enough resources in my world (ie NPCs, creatures, etc)  Has anyone, in playtesting 5e, succesffully and comfortably converted some fo the beastiary from 3.5?  If so, what kind of advice do you have?

Improv on rules is quit easy for me.  I used to DM campaigns in high school (almost 15 years ago!) and I am a bit rusty, but very confident.  I guess I'm looking for as mucha dvice a newbie DM would require, but mainly in resources at my disposal from previous editions.
As I know there aren't still rule for coverting monsters, but I have used the bestiary of the same ruleset of D&D Next (040113) and, with little tinkering, I after finding the corresponding monster of 3.5, I was able to convert all the Monster manual 3.5 base...I found that it was pretty easy...the tough part was giving the xp to the single monster...I'm still toiling with it.
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I have found the general "trick" and have begun making a homebrew Monster Manual from the 3.5 material, using the 4e stuff as a guide on the way.  XP rewards per creature to me is...unsettling to say the least.  I should probably run a campaign or two under 4e before tackling Next, but...meh.  I'm an improv kind of guy.  I may establish a homebrew rule to leave out the XP rewards suggested by the Next material and apply XP on a per session or post battle/event basis.  I used to do that and give a good amount of XP to someone who roleplayed very well.  No use in rewarding people who play in a humdrum attitude.  Yes.  XP was a very arbitrary number in my campaigns.  I had my reasons. XD

 Is it right to assume, so far from what I'm reading, that Next has mechanics very similar to 4e???  Almost like 3.5 was to 3rd?  That's what I'm seeing as I read and run events in my head...
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