Established group LF DM to play online with, preferably 4.0!

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A group of around 4-5 friendly people on Voice Chat (mumble/skype) with some experience in DnD are looking for a friendly DM to guide us on an adventure!
We use, but can use other website if preferred!

We're really excited to play and hope we get a response soon!
What day/night/timezone works for your group? I play in a (4e) Thursday night game and DM 2 sessions on Friday nights at (resurrected anew from the ashes of the WoTC virtual table program). Also do you prefer a more open sandbox type campaign world which emphasizes the ROLEplay more or more linear railroad approach? I have both available styles, the former basically emphasizes the main important battles when it comes time for crunch and has a lot of xp available from quests, challenges etc...
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