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I have a question for the ability "Draining Touch" of the Ghost in d&d3.5.
If I'm a ghost, can I choose every attack a different ability score or it must always be the same?
Thank you

PS: Sorry for my poor English, I'm not fluent with it.
It looks like you could select a new ability score with each attack.  It even seems like you can determine what ability after you have hit the target.

On the other side the "any one ability score it selects" could be seen as a one time thing.  That is to say that while a ghost could attack any one ability score any given ghost can only attack any one ability score.

Sorry for not being able to give a perfectly clear answer.  Even if your English is poor this is one of those times when the English can be read multiple ways.
The section Creating a Ghost doesn't mention that you need to select an ability score for your Draining Touch to affect at the time the ghost is created, so it stands to reason that you can select which Ability Score to drain with each attack depending on the effect you hope to have.
Ok, thank you for your anwsers. However can you give me an exemple of an ability in any power which must be selected at the creation?
A specialist wizard's Unearthed Arcana evoker's energy affinity comes to mind, for starters. Even more basic, a cleric's choice of positive or negative energy (cure/turn or inflict/rebuke) basically usually comes up at first level. I'm sure there are lots.
There really are so many things that require a single choice from many options that listing them is impossible.  A number of things will require you to choose an elemental type or maybe a (specific) creature type.
Ok , thank you, your help should be valuable Smile
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