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I haven't seen this exact question, though I also haven't dug through the mountains of posts.

Pacifist Cleric uses Beacon of Healing, which gives allies in the burst 5 HPs, and then increases all further healing done by the cleric by 5 until the end of the encounter.

Next round, the Cleric uses Astral Seal (at-will, -2 to all defenses of target, first ally to hit this target regains X hps). Does the +5 apply to this healing? Our group runs with Yes, but as I'm the Pacifist Cleric, and I don't want to cheat the DM, has there been an official ruling on this?
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Yes this works, you restored hp with a healing power (astral seal has the healing keyword), which is the requirement for Bacon of Hope. Umm, bacon.
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yes, astral seal would restore 5 more hit points because of Beacon of Hope.  The reason is because Beacon of Hope only requires that you restore hit points with a healing power and astral seal has the healing keyword. 
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Awesome. Thanks for the replies. I WANTED this to work that way, but I didn't want to cheat the DM. ;) He'll be a player for ME next, and if I cheap him now, he'll try to pay me back later!
So many PCs, so little time...
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