[Online, non-PbP] LFG D&D 4E, open to other systems

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Hi All,

Novice to PnP, but some familiarity with the rules of D&D 4E (and 3.5E). I'm looking for a group that gets together maybe weekly or bi-weekly to play (I'll learn any method as long as the cost if negligible). I'd prefer 4E, as that is what I am most familiar with right now (and there is a nifty character creator that makes your character sheet + power cards!), but would be open to learning a new set of rules if it made sense. Day-wise, I am available just about any day, but weekends are my least consistent as I may go out of town 1-2 weekends a month. Time-wise I am EST, so something like 6/7 PM EST until maybe 10 PM EST would work best. I'd also prefer a low-level (lv. 1-3 maybe?) campaign so that I get to feel like I am developing as my character as opposed to jumping in many levels later.