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It is ok...look fun. Gain life is cool but I think you need better creatures. I think Farseek over Arbor is better
Farseek isn't that great in a deck that only plays two colours. And it costs more. Turn One with Arbor Elf, T2 Centaur Healer is worse than Turn One With Nothing, Turn two Farseek.

 As for better creatures, once Dragon's Maze is out I'll go Voice of Resurgence over Strangelroot Geist, since the returning creature is often bigger (better combo with Nearheath Pilgrim), the original stays in the graveyard (Grimoire of the Dead) and the token can be populated by Trostani, Seleynsa's Voice.
Doesn't matter. Opp will answer your dork (s) by removals like Verdict or Pillar. I prefer 4 dorks and 4 farseek to move forward just like Naya Midrange
 How would you change the decklist? Do you think -4 Arbor, +4 Farseek is the best way to go and would actually make the deck better?
Yes. Try testing against good decks to see if need changes. I think Angel of Serenity is needed. How Gimore working for you. I didn't like it
Dunno how I feel about the lifelink soulbond guy. Doesn't really seem to do a whole lot for you.

Strangleroot geist feels pretty out of place here.

Also, I can't help but notice you have ten creatures with come into play abilities  and no resto angels. Maybe you find room for a playset?
Grimoire's great, especially with all the enters play abilities. People seem to think it's too slow but with the amount of lifegain I have and all the creatures I'm running, I easily survive long enough to sacrifice it and bring everything back. A succesful activation gains another 20-60 life while putting out an army. I can normally play around Detention Spheres and Termini since I use the ability in their endstep.

I'm as yet undecided between Angel of Serenity and Armada Wurm. Without graveyard stuff, Angel is kinda clunky since there's not always anything I want to exile. Armada Wurm comes down a turn sooner and is more consistent. It's two 5/5s for six mana. For a while, I was running Goldnight Redeemer, but without tokens it just wasn't that good.
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Strangleroot's getting replaced soon, as I said in my second post. His niche in the deck (resistant early game wall/damage that can pair with Pilgrim), while valid, is better exploited with Voice of Resurgence for the reasons mentioned above.

Nearheath Pilgrim is an early source of protection and life. Pilgrim paired with anything of a power two or more is good value for mana and a card. Early game, I make trades and gain life. That helps me race in the late game, where Chalice or Grimoire can win the game. 

Restoration Angel is decent, but I already play a LOT of four drops. The curve is 8-8-6-10. I think a split with Trostani would be best. I'll run it like that, but Trostani's a lot more fun.
Why not have 2 Angel and 2 Wurm. Naya ran 2 Angel and Aureila...did ran very well
Yeah, but I'm only running 2 Armada Wurms.
I can't imagine you having any trouble with any aggressive match ups. You should be fine there.

Grimoire of the Dead is far too slow and will not work. You say you avoid Detention Sphere by using the ability on their end step. What happens when they Sphere it while it has 2 cards on it? Then you just discarded two cards and lost Sphere. It's an awful, awful card.

You also need answers for Esper. Esper could care less if you gain a million life. If they mill both your Chalice's then you're dead for sure. An Oblivion Ring would be good for their planeswalkers.

Not having Restoration Angel also seems bad. I understand you have 8 spots at the 4 cmc but I would shave some of those or some Nehearth Pilgrims.

I can also see you stumbling quite a bit if your mana dorks get pinged since you're only running 22 lands with a curve that stops at 22. 

You might find some better luck splashing blue for Sphinx's Revelation. I heard that was pretty good with Rhox Faithmender
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