Dark Sun: Elemental clerics Advanced Being questions

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So, I was reading 2e Dark Sun, and when reading about clerics above level 20th level, especially the "advanced being cleric" (Cleric-Elemental) I suddenly became filled with questions because of the way that rules are stated, (or not stated).

For example, It states that a cleric elemental in human form casts as a 20th level cleric, does that means that only when in elemental form can the character get acces to more spells and psionic enchantments (8th to 10th level spells) as stated in the spell progression table in the cleric elemental entry in dragon kings? or does a cleric-elemental also gains acces to these spells in human form? also the ability to summon other elementals, can it only be used when in elemental form? or can it be used in human form also? because I don;t think it is ever specified.

Second, altough it is stated that a cleric that does not transform into and advanced being obtains more powers at leves hgher than 20 like major acces to the sphere of cosmos, or the ability to gate material from the paraelemental and quasielemental planes related to his own, I'm not sure if an advanced being also gains those abilities, I would be inclined to think that no, they dont, but in earth, air, fire and water, in the section about paraelmental clerics about level 20, after it l lists the powers that are the equivalent of those of clerics, (acces to the planes that make up their paraelemental plane of worship), it says a line about advanced beings also getting these powers, but that they have to spend much of their time traveling the elemental planes. So that makes me think, do only paraelemental advanced beings get the same powers as other clerics above above level 20? or the other 4 elemental clerics also get them but they just forgot to write that anywhere.

Is there someone that knows more about how these rules (or 2e for that matter) should work? or what are your conclusiones or opinions about it? I would be very grateful if someone would help me with this.