Need advice with Cleric Healing Values after Beacon of Hope has been used.

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I'm having serious trouble with a Cleric combo.  1st level Dwarven Shielding Cleric, 4th edition.  The relevant stats are:

19 Wisdom (+4)
+1 holy symbol
Healer's Implement
Healer's Lore

Healing Strike - It would be a healing surge +5 HP, correct?
Healing Word - Same, healing surge (+1d6) +5 HP, correct?

Assuming that's right, I get lost once Beacon of Hope is used. 

I believe Players would initally get +6 instead of +5 when Beacon of Hope is used (because this initial effect doesn't inlcude a healing surge), and then for the rest of the encounter when Healing Strike or Healing Word was used, I see two possibilities:

1)  They would get an additional ten HP:  +5 from Beacon of Hope, +1 from Healer's Implement, +4 from Healer's Lore

2)  They get an additional 15 HP:  The same +10 in number 1, then +1 from Healer's Implement's effect on the actual action (Healing Strike/Healing Word) and +4 from Healer's Lore's effect on the actual action. 

Please, point out where I've got it right!  More importantly, please correct me/explain where I'm wrong! 

Thanks all. 
From the initial effect of Beacon of Hope, allies in the burst (and the cleric) just regain 5 immediately.  Healer's Lore and Healer's Implement don't apply to that effect because no surge is spent.

  Then, until the end of the encounter Healing Strike would give back Surge + 10 (4 from lore, 1 from healer's implement and 5 from Beacon of Hope), and Healing Word would be Surge + 10 + Nd6.
I should add a note here that Healer's Implement was errataed.  The original text said "When you grant healing, add your holy symbol's enhancement bonus..."  As of 4/13/2010, it says "When you let a creature spend a healing surge to regain hit points with any of your cleric healing powers, add your holy symbol's enhancement bonus...", which is why it doesn't apply to the effect from Beacon of Hope.
Ahh, I see.  Thanks for clarifying about the new text, because I was at least somewhat sure about the +6.  I'm new to playing 4e, and I've never played a cleric who's going for healing as his main focus.  Any tips/advice?
Don't do that. Healing makes fights last longer in 4e. It is far better to grant attacks/movement/bonuses to attack and damage. Basically helping your party's action economy. The two heals you get as a leader are basically enough for any standard party.

One reason you should switch to BCL.

Actually here:

Just read up.
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