Wild Speculation: holding out updates for new offline builder?

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I've been thinking a lot about how WotC has stopped their monthly updates of the 4e tools. It was done very slyly, basically without any notice at all for a couple of months, a few slippery posts on the forums, and then finally "announcing" it (I use that term loosely) in an unofficial conversation on Twitter.

I know that in reality this almost certainly means the 4e tools are now dead, but the conspiracy theorist part of me wonders if maybe WotC is holding back on the updates because they want a pile of new, exclusive material to add to an offline version of the tools. The 4e fans have been asking for a long time for an offline version to be made available for sale. If they do go that route, it would sure boost their sales if they had some exclusive content to add in, even if that content was already published in their magazines.

Sound crazy? They already did it!  Do you remember how WotC held back updates on the old builder just when the Dark Sun books came out? Lots of DS fans were desperately waiting for those updates, were told "soon" over and over again, and then finally the Dark Sun material was announced as being one of the great new features of the new online CB.

Since they've stopped the 4e updates, we've seen a modest bump in unusual 4e content in the magazines like new races and a lot Dragonlance stuff. These are things that many 4e fans have been asking for and now its coming.... just not in the online builder. Hmmmmmm......

What do you think? Crazy conspiracy or prescient vision? 
i was never around for the offline builder but if that is the case i would like it, but at the same time how would it work for people who sub. for DDI for a year recently only to have it whipped away. sureley those people would get any offline version for free.
Oh, Style75, that's some very, very optmistic take on all this! ^^

The boy in me really wants to believe you! :D

But I really don't think this will be the case...

Well, hope is the last thing to die, right?

I'll probably won't renew my subscrition this year... I don't think what you're hoping will come true, unfortunately :P.
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WoTC goes quiet about something before they do something terrible, the Online CB is one such thing.
WoTC goes quiet about something before they do something terrible, the Online CB is one such thing.

Indeed. I'd be less surprised if they just announce that they stop the online builder for the time being until Next is ready

I honestly think if they were going to do an offline builder. The best way to do it would be to announce it now, but also announce that anyone who is currently subscribed, and stays subscribed till it is ready, gets a discount.

I say this as someone  who hasnt been subbed for half a year and wouldn't qualify.   
If there were any silver lining to this announcement (more of a leak, actually), they should say it now.  I think most of us have reached the "torches and pitchforks" phase.  Has anyone seen anything to suggest that Wizards will do anything other than leave the builder online for a little while and then with no prior announcement just pull the plug?  

I would be very surprised if that were their plan. I know nothing of their plan, but it all seems focused on the next edition (which is what they should be doing). Creating new offline tools for 4E would be a drag on resources and likely the resources would be better spent on tools for D&D Next.

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