Using Pathfinder Adventure Paths

Has anyone used any of the various adventures or Adventure Paths from Paizo for D&D Next yet?

I really like D&D's rules, but I am not found of most of their adventures (oh, you are first to fifth level? here's a dungeon! etc.). So, I was looking into converting either Pathfinder adventures or Castle and Crusades adventure when it is my turn to run the game.

Any recommendations and tips?
We run tons of PF adventure paths on 5E rules, we're currently on book 4 of Legacy of Fire, and book 2 of Carrion Crown.

No conversion (well 90% none), most monsters are run "as is", unless I have the exact monster in the playtest pack, then I just use it.

∴ "Virtus junxit, mors non separabit." 

 I used the exploration rules and parts of Kingmaker. Then I got bored and converted it to AD&D.
Phobos: that is good to know! I like Pathfinder (and the freak'n cool minis, pawns and maps they put out), but it's a wee bit crunchy for me. Good company tho!

AllHailLordGygax: you might be the first person I know to ever use Exploration rules (lol). All those I have gamed with just tell us what we see on the way to places and then cut scene right to it (and other than a few exceptions, we don't really do dungeon craws).

Thanks for your input you two  :-)
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