double-weapon with different enchantments?

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My memory tells me that a dual weapon can have different enchantments on each end of the weapon (a doublesword with lightning in one end and frost in the other), but I can't seem to find where it says this.
is this a leftover from my 3.5 days or another system entirely??
or do i remember correctly, but fail to find the proff?? 
It used to be possible in 4e, but was errataed shortly after the rules for double weapons were released.  They now have one enchantment for the whole weapon, which applies in full to both ends - but uses of powers are per weapon, not per end.
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Also, you can use any enchantment that either end qualfies for, and it will effect both ends equally.  So, for examples, f you have an Urgosh, you can enchant it with Reaper's Axe (axes only) or Stinging Weapon (spears only) and the enchantment applies to attacks made with either end.
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