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What is the interaction of Tremorsense and gaining and losing Hidden status?  Does Tremorsense effectively negate the effects of cover or concealment for the purposes of gaining or losing  Hidden status?

Flying defeats it. There is also an item the specifically defeats Tremorsense, whose name I forget.
Thanks.  What about the power that lets you obtain hidden status regardless of cover or concealment so long as you are adjacent to a stone blocking terrain?  Would that allow you to become hidden even against Tremorsense?
No.  The only way to defeat Tremorsense is to be not touching the ground.  Tremorsense allows you to be seen clearly, which kills the "stay out of sight" clause of the Hidden rules.

It's very difficult to hide against something with Tremorsense.  You need flying, basically.
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There are some powers, such as Chameleon and that one I mentioned above that I can't remember the name of, that allow you to gain or retain hidden status in the absence of cover or concealment.  I was wondering if these powers would trump Tremorsense.
no, the only way to defeat tremorsense is to be flying or not touching the ground.  You've been told this already.
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no, the only way to defeat tremorsense is to be flying or not touching the ground.  You've been told this already.

Just making sure.
Snippy answer notwithstanding, Chameleon would, in fact, allow you to remain hidden if something with Tremorsense comes into range of you.

This is not because Chameleon beats Tremorsense, specifically, but rather because Chameleon beats "you got spotted!" no matter how it happens.

The fluff of Chameleon doesn't matter:  the "blend into your surroundings" bit doesn't matter.  All that matters is that due to Tremorsense, the Chameleon trigger happens, and then the Chameleon power's specific effect overrides the general Tremorsense rules.  Tremorsense is working perfectly fine at all stages in this, nothing it does is being violated.  Chameleon just allows you to have it not affect you for a turn the same thing as if somebody pulled up the curtain you were hiding behind.

If you want a fluff answer for it, you remained perfectly still, so no tremors to be felt.  But again, that is only fluff, and fluff is not rules.
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Thanks.  Now if I could only remember the name of the power or ability that allows a character adjacent to a stone obstacle to gain hidden status even in plain sight.  I think it would also work in range of tremorsense, but I need to check the language to make sure.
check the language to make sure.

It's important to emphasize just how importantly important this is.

The specific language matters.
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I think the power you are thinking of is Cloaked in Shadow from the Darkstrider Paragon Path

Cloaked in Shadow

You vanish into the shadowy clefts of the natural rock and stone around you.

Encounter        Martial
Minor Action      Personal

Requirement: You must be adjacent to a wall or other large stone feature, such as a column, a boulder, or a stalagmite.

Effect: You are hidden to any enemies that aren’t adjacent to you. You remain hidden until you move or attack.

Published in Martial Power 2, page(s) 47.

Based on its language, it would allow you to hide from creatures with Tremorsense, but only until you move or attack, and you can only do it once per encounter.
  And thanks to the rules of hidden club it really not even that useful since the creature will still know exactly where you were when you came hidden.
Thanks.  That is the power.  Defensively, it basically just gives them a -5 to hit you with melee or range attacks, but offensively it also provides combat advantage when you attack, which is important for a rogue.
Lightstep SlippersLevel 21 Uncommon

These doeskin coverings cushion your step.

Feet Slot        225,000 gp


Gain a +5 item bonus to Stealth checks. Also, you do not activate traps or hazards triggered by stepping into a particular square, nor can you be detected by tremorsense.

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Elude Senses is a Stealth Utility 2 that would help I believe. Encounter power though. Defeats special senses like tremorsense/darkvision/blindsight.
Er...yes.  It's a perfect example of a specific power that provides an exception to the general rules.
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