Warforged Warlock, All of the Rods

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So to gain implement "passive" abilities (not worrying about enhancement bonus), you only have to be holding said implement. Could a warforged have a rod embedded in both arms, and also be holding a rod in each hand to recieve all 4 rod passive ability bonuses?
Theoretically. Of course, any DM that allows cheese like this is asking for it XD
Good deal, I figured as much. Needed to know since I'm building the infernal iron man, El Robo Diablo, and needed a rod in each arm and an orb in his chest.
Although how would this work with dual implement caster, now for the enhancement bonuses?
The two you are WIELDING are the ones that are affected by Dual Implement Spellcasting. If you're not wielding it, you aren't getting anything from DIS for it.

So, in the example you gave above, only the two you were actually holding in hand would mean anything to it.
But you can use the ones in your arms as if you were wielding them as well. Right then, you're wielding all 4, so far as they can he used as if they were in your hand
Serious cheese territory. I'd avoid pushing the point as the rules may work like that, but they're not meant to. If anything, you may be able to change which ones you are using each time the feat comes into play, but I wouldn't try to spam it that hard.
You'd only get the highest bonus of your offhand. Same named elements do not stack with themselves.
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