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I am making/starting a game with my friends and it is going to be based on the forgotten realms land.... but the majority of it is going to be made up completley. I am planning a large story that will include many large adventures for the same characters. in the end it will all lead to an epic conclusion hopefully. i am having trouble with one thing what is the main antagonist in the game. So i would like to hear some ideas from other dms. what should it be a evil ancient dragon. a god has turned against mortals. a secret society (like templars in assassin's creed). i would love to hear the ideas for a ultimate antagonist. that will be able to blend with many diffrent looking for a enemy that will be able to come and go in the adventure. but it will be the main problem in the end of the game
Hello jwhelan1,

I would suggest Manshoon of the Zhentarim.

Manshoon is a powerful human wizard who controls elements of the Zhentarim (also called the Black Network). Manshoon uses people like pawns, causing them to do his dirty work so that he can come in later to take what others have gotten for him.

For example: Manshoon likes to command his minions to hire adventurers to attack dragons in their lairs, so the adventurers die and the dragon is hurt. Then Manshoon can attack the dragon, slay it and take both its treasure and the powerful magic of the adventurers.

Manshoon can use magic to ride the minds of others, causing them to do things he wants and making it very hard to figure out who it is that’s controlling these people.

A cool thing about Manshoon is that he keeps Stasis Clones. These clones allow him to come back to life after he has been slain. His supply of such clones is not unlimited.

Manshoon has old, powerful Beholders for allies. Also priests of Bane.

If you have any questions about Manshoon, please feel free to ask them and myself or one of the other forum members will be happy to help you.

Best of luck.
I'm going to have to agree with m'learned forum friend, Mr_M, and concur with his recommendation of Manshoon.

What's not to love?

You've got Zhents so that covers any combination of race and class you might want to use as an NPC. You've got beholders - and every D&D campaign needs beholders. You've got drow - Zhents are known to ally with them. They're also a secret society or, more accurately. there's a secret society within the not-so-secret society and that allows you to scratch the intrigue itch.

If you go this route, I do recommend reading the Secret History of the Zhentarim in Elminster's Guide to the Forgotten Realms as it gives you Ed's view on what Manshoon and the Zhents really should be like. The novels, in particular, have not done them justice.
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
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