Prologue to DnD next

Hello fellows,

I'm about to start playtesting with my group. We were all excited about the 5th edition and we want to help as much as possible...

but before even starting the playtest:
"Duuude, come on show us some content. Do they have at-wills?"
"Please tell me they fixed the spellcaster >>>> fighter thing"
"Do they have a new combat system? Is it more simple?"
 But the most important comments in my opinion was:
1) "Are the classes more flexible?"
2) "Do we gain something at each level?"

Then I looked into each class and noticed that there are soooo much levels empty of class features
Maybe it is just me, but I like to give players stuff.

1)One of my group likes shapeshifting druid... so
-I let him wild shape(to white wolf only) at-will (at 5-th level).You should have seen the expresion on in his face
-Since he wants to play a Nothern/Pagan Druid I let him choose (some modified) forst spells mainly  but at higher caster level

2)An other one wants to summon demons... (he wanted an Ur-priest/infernalist/fighter hybrid thing)... I took the 5-th edition cleric class and filled the empty levels with features

-to make rituals (without dayly limit) and dare call ANY LEVEL of fiend he wants. Then as he progresses he learns more Diagrams (Protection vs evil/planar binding) that allow him protection from stronger or specific fiends...

-I increased the channel divinity per day uses and changed them to be more Hellish-like

My point is: The players want at each level to feel and gain something new.... not just numbers but visible new powers, maneuvers, tricks... -You name it- and then try it out.

So please developers fill this empty lines on the class lists...
Oh, and since the campaign has not started yet... I dont know if I have permition to do these modifications... should I proceed??
Nothing prevent you from doing these modifications so you're permitted to, but let them know that you aren't playtesting the D&D Next material as R&D intended it. 

With that said, the Demon Summoning Cleric  idea sound awesome!

Montréal, Canada
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