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Might as well post it here too.

I'm having a crisis of faith, so to speak.

My game is in the Planescape setting. It's widely known that gods get their power from the belief of their followers. The more followers they have, the more powerful they become.

There are also plenty of dead gods in the setting, drifting around the Astral Plane. Now, say one living god wanted to make people believe a dead god came back to life, thereby reviving his worship. Only, the living god wants to channel the power of that worship to himself, so he basically needs to pretend he is that dead god. How would a god pretend to be another god, and gain power from that god's followers?

More details
The dead god in question here is Aoskar, former lord of portals. He was gaining power in Sigil, the City of Doors, because the people there worshipped him as the god of portals (which play a huge part in every Sigil life). But the city's omnipotent ruler, the Lady of Pain, did not want this to happen, so she killed him and cast his corpse out of Sigil. This was a pretty public event, and to this day nobody dares to worship Aoskar in fear of the Lady's retribution.

Now Vecna, he knows this story. He also wants to have Sigil for himself. His plan is to resurrect the faith of Aoskar by making the people of Sigil (and beyond) believe Aoskar has come back to life. He thinks that, if the faith picks up, it will eventually grant the god enough power to return to Sigil. And the key to Vecna's plan is that he will pretend to be Aoskar, thereby gaining the additional power from the worshippers so he can enter the city and defeat the Lady of Pain.

Like I said, my problem is this: how does a god like Vecna pretend to be Aoskar, and how will he gain the power from the worshippers? Belief shapes the planes, and Vecna doesn't want to run the risk of people believing in Aoskar's resurrection so badly the dead god actually comes back to life.

I hope my question is somewhat clear. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need to know more.
How would you work out the Domains? That would be your first hurdle I think.

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How would you work out the Domains? That would be your first hurdle I think.

Could you elaborate on that a bit?
Each deity has their own domains which in turn whould bring different worshipers and clerics. Vecnas being Evil, Knowledge, and Magic. Aoskars are Chaos, Knowledge, Protection, Travel, Trickery. 

Knowledge being the common one I would try to work that in. Aoskars last know high priest is Imendor and I bet he is pretty ticked at the Lady so that may be another hook you could tie in.

I guess my main question from my op is what would Vecna have to offer to the worshipers of Aoskar besides 'being' Aoskar?

I dream of Beer Head Armies.

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He'd offer the dark about portals, those clerics believing in him would have access to unique knowledge about dimensional travel. The difference from before would be that they would operate more like a secret society, Vecna would use Aoskar's bad reputation as an excuse to change their ways.

But I guess Vecna has to be subtle, other gods that impersonate dead powers, Cyric-Leira, or Tiamat-Tchazzar-Entropy, are careful not to change quickly. After some time you can take the example of Lathander-Amaunator, which started as a heresy.  
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