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When you're first making a character, some races have encounter powers, like Dragonborn's "Dragon Breath" or Halfling's "Second Chance".  Is this encounter power in addition to a class related encounter power, or do you have the option to choose it instead of a class related encounter power?  Thanks!
Racial powers are in addition to your other powers.
Racial powers are in addition to your other powers.

Awesome!  Thanks!
And to be clear, if you're looking at the table in the PHB that lists the number of Encounter, Utility and Daily powers your should have at a given level, that is referring only to the powers you gain from leveling in your class.

It does not include racial powers, feat powers, power granted by a character theme at 1st level, or
powers granted by paragon paths (typically at 11, 16 and 20) or epic destinies (typically at 21, 24, 26 and/or 30).

 As the others have mentioned, it is entirely possible for a fairly low-level character to have quite a wide number of powers from their race, class, theme, even feats and magic items...


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And some classes have encounter powers as class features beyond  the lv1 encounter attack power.
A cleric will have healing word x2 encounter and Divine fortune and Turn undead ( note divine fortune and turn undead have the channel divinity keyword and only one channel divinity power can be used each encounter)(barring a magic item or epic destiny that says it changes that rule)
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