Best feats/superior implements for a summoner wizard: Staff, tome, or both?

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Weighing staff and tome when it comes to expertise feats. I have enough feats to take both, but I don't know if that'd be a waste.

Staff has a nice kicker, in addition to having a reliable enchantment (ruin) and being able to use siberys shards. It also has the accurate property for its superior version.

Tome cannot use the shard, but the kicker is very good for what I'd be doing. Anything next to a conjuration grants CA provided they're not fear-immune. That kicker alone, I think, would add more control value if all conjurations were roving areas of CA hurt. However, the superior options aren't quite as good. Forbidden adds damage, which almost makes up for the siberys shard, but the accuracy only helps attacks v. fortitude, even though most summons (and spells in general) target either will or reflex. I could go for the reflex-boosting tome, but there's no damage.

I stress damage because, to my understanding, playing a summoner wizard means dabbling in defender, and your goal is to make your summons a lose-lose situation. If they attack them, they're not attacking the party. If they don't attack them, they're getting hurt. Stalves bring the hurt, but tomes bring control in the way of CA.

One could take both expertise feats, but I don't know if that's a waste to take tome expertise just for its kicker. What combination of feats, implements, and superior implements would be best for this build type?
Taking one feat to grant your whole party CA is worth it. Shamans often take Tome Expertise because their Spirit Companion is a Conjuration. Do they use Tomes? Nope. Make sure you tell your party you are doing that, so they can skip basing their theme/feat/weapon choices around getting CA.

Also make sure you take Mage Hand as one of your cantrips.

If you really are going to make a fully commited Summoner Wizard, which I may as well mention right now will not be as strong as normal Wizard, you will end up wielding a Tome for the Tome of Binding class feature (which you should get at Paragon via Second Implement, Staff of Defense should be first). But you still won't be attacking with it.

Also commonly missed fact: make sure if your Summon is low on health to dimiss it as a minor action. If it dies you lose a surge, if you dismiss it, all attacks it abosrbed now did effectively nothing.
You do not need to be wielding a tome to get it's benifits of the feat.
Mage Hand is also a conjuration.
It's worth a feat, since accuracy > damage (unless you get CA other ways, like a daze spamming ally).

90% of the time, you want an accurate impliment.  (again accuracy > damage).

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F-111 Interdictor Long (200+ squares) distance ally teleporter. With some warlord stuff. Broken in a plot way, not a power way.

Thought Switch Higher level build that grants upto 14 attacks on turn 1. If your allies play along, it's broken.

Elven Critters Crit op with crit generation. 5 of these will end anything. Broken.

King Fisher Optimized net user.  Moderate.

Boominator Fun catch-22 booming blade build with either strong or completely broken damage depending on your reading.

Very Distracting Warlock Lot's of dazing and major penalties to hit. Overpowered.

Pocket Protector Pixie Stealth Knight. Maximizing the defender's aura by being in an ally's/enemy's square.

Yakuza NinjIntimiAdin: Perma-stealth Striker that offers a little protection for ally's, and can intimidate bloodied enemies. Very Strong.

Chargeburgler with cheese Ranged attacks at the end of a charge along with perma-stealth. Solid, could be overpowered if tweaked.

Void Defender Defends giving a penalty to hit anyone but him, then removing himself from play. Can get somewhat broken in epic.

Scry and Die Attacking from around corners, while staying hidden. Moderate to broken, depending on the situation.

Skimisher Fly in, attack, and fly away. Also prevents enemies from coming close. Moderate to Broken depending on the enemy, but shouldn't make the game un-fun, as the rest of your team is at risk, and you have enough weaknesses.

Indestructible Simply won't die, even if you sleep though combat.  One of THE most abusive character in 4e.

Sir Robin (Bravely Charge Away) He automatically slows and pushes an enemy (5 squares), while charging away. Hard to rate it's power level, since it's terrain dependent.

Death's Gatekeeper A fun twist on a healic, making your party "unkillable". Overpowered to Broken, but shouldn't actually make the game un-fun, just TPK proof.

Death's Gatekeeper mk2, (Stealth Edition) Make your party "unkillable", and you hidden, while doing solid damage. Stronger then the above, but also easier for a DM to shut down. Broken, until your DM get's enough of it.

Domination and Death Dominate everything then kill them quickly. Only works @ 30, but is broken multiple ways.

Battlemind Mc Prone-Daze Protecting your allies by keeping enemies away. Quite powerful.

The Retaliator Getting hit deals more damage to the enemy then you receive yourself, and you can take plenty of hits. Heavy item dependency, Broken.

Dead Kobold Transit Teleports 98 squares a turn, and can bring someone along for the ride. Not fully built, so i can't judge the power.

Psilent Guardian Protect your allies, while being invisible. Overpowered, possibly broken.

Rune of Vengance Do lot's of damage while boosting your teams. Strong to slightly overpowered.

Charedent BarrageA charging ardent. Fine in a normal team, overpowered if there are 2 together, and easily broken in teams of 5.

Super Knight A tough, sticky, high damage knight. Strong.

Super Duper Knight Basically the same as super knight with items, making it far more broken.

Mora, the unkillable avenger Solid damage, while being neigh indestuctable. Overpowered, but not broken.

Swordburst Maximus At-Will Close Burst 3 that slide and prones. Protects allies with off actions. Strong, possibly over powered with the right party.

Staff pretty much owns all other implements these days, due to the awesome expertise, although Orbs are a close second.  Tome Expertise is worth taking, but Tomes aren't worth using.  Note that Tome Expertise has no prerequisites, nor does it require you to actually USE a tome...
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So the kicker is worth a feat, I gotcha.

While we're here, is it worth it to lose 2 INT for 4 CON and 2 Wis for a summoner build? Otherwise, right out of the gate he won't even be able to use his staff of defense interrupt. Being human, he's spread pretty thin trying to qualify for feats with a 15 in wis and dex by the end of it.
So the kicker is worth a feat, I gotcha.

While we're here, is it worth it to lose 2 INT for 4 CON and 2 Wis for a summoner build? Otherwise, right out of the gate he won't even be able to use his staff of defense interrupt. Being human, he's spread pretty thin trying to qualify for feats with a 15 in wis and dex by the end of it.

I assume you're trying for Wizard Implement Expertise. Not worth it. Crit feats are basically only useful if you do something incredibly good on a crit (extra attacks, dominate). Neither of which you're doing. At best you need 13 Dex total in your build for DIS. You start with a 12 and get the 13 at Paragon from the +1 to all. Even then you could start with an 11 and get DIS at Epic, there are quite a few feats that add +3/4 to your average damage DIS doesn't surprass them till you have two +5 implements. Not to mention the standard issue of you're playing a relatively feat starved build.
I see, thanks again. For Wis, how early should I be taking the enlarged spell feat?
By level 8. (With Both Expertise, and Superior Implement before it, and maybe Improved Defenses)
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